Jack Snow (vs. Greenspan)

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  1. this guy is on TV all the time now

    what is his deal???

    his sudden appearances seem more like political maneuvering than anything else

    where has he been for the past 2.5 years???

    thanks in advance
  2. anyone??
  3. i saw him on tv on meet the press

    i loved when tim pointed out that taxes were raised on working americans overseas when taxes were reduced on the most wealthy

    he just smiled and said, "well, you know tim, thats an offset"

    no sh*t sherlock, like the viewers were dumb enough to not catch the non-answer

    tim also let him have it with snows 1995 campaign against deficit spending, and how his current position is a 180 degree turn

    what (snow) a sleazeball
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    I saw Snow a couple times on tv yesterday. I don't get it this guy emits nothing, nix, shit. He's like one big ZERO. There wasn't better choices ?
  6. Snow just got appointed a few months ago, so why should he have been on the news shows before. I have seen him a few times and found him to be outstanding, a vastly better spokesman and point guy than his predecessor. He has a Phd in econ and knows his stuff.

    The taxes question is interesting. I'm not sure what "raising taxes on working Americans overseas" means, except that there is a proposal in the senate bill to eliminate the $80k exclusion for Americans working overseas. In practice, this has meant americans working in Saudia Arabia, since that is the only country with a significant number of Americans working that has no income taxes. For other countries such as in europe, they are subject to local taxes which in general are higher than US taxes, so there is no benefit. There are tax treaties to prevent double taxation. In short, this is a provision that affects only a hnadful of taxpayers, who are generally pretty well compensated. For the record, I oppose it. Republicans should be cutting taxes, not raising them. But it is a minor issue, except for those affected by it.

    You reach the top 10% in income in this country at about $90k. The Dem's apparently consider anyone making over about $50k to be the rich. Since the bottom 50% pay virtually no income taxes, and the top 10% pay about 75% of taxes, any proposal to cut taxes will disproportionately affect the rich. The dem's view class warfare as much more important than the health of the economy. In fact, they pretty clearly want the economy to be as bad a s possible so they have at least one issue to run on. The true test of the tax plan is will it help or hurt the economy in the long run? Obviously the Dem's don't want to debate that issue, so they go back to divisive "hate the rich" rhetoric. Perhaps that's why ordinary working people across the country are fed up with them and voting Republican.
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    I can't for the life of me understand why any working soul would not want lower taxes.
  8. 90k per household is rich? Is that the parameter? I just want actual facts, not rhetoric .....what is considered the "wealthiest" class...the cut off line if possible
  9. i keep hearing this over and over again, so why don't the republicans find some people who understand how the economy works and fix it??? seems to me that all they know how to do is fuck it up. look at the relationship between greenspan and the bushes...

    every time we have a republican, we get HUGE deficits which are ultimately lead balloons for growth, and we get assinine military campaigns that we can't afford

    clinton years - economy good, everyone working
    w years - deeper and deeper into the shitter (should be W's re-election campaign slogan)

    it's becoming abundantly clear to the voters that W has no idea what's going on -- everytime he speaks it's the SAME OLD BULLSHIT about afghanistan and iraq -- the moron goes to USC graduation and uses it as a platform for his war rhetoric

    now he is trying to put himself in the ideal position (same old bullshit republican blame game which is pathetic and sad) of saying that the economy is fucked NOT because of his HUGE spending increases, but because that GODDAMN republican congress won't pass his tax cut (which CAN'T PASS anyway because it is RETARDED) -- it's a perfect catch-22

    he knows he can't fix the economy (and doesn't want to anyway) and he knows that his tax cut won't pass -- the smart political maneuver to pull here is to blame the economy on the fact that no-one will pass his tax cut

    what a piece of garbage this guy is!!! typical trust fund kid antics...

    W is like a nightmare that JUST WON'T END

    he's running ads attacking members of his own party for not supporting this tax cut. "republicans protect their own" -- yeah RIGHT! they'll witchhunt their own grandmother if it meant saving an extra $0.50 on taxes..

    wake up before it's too late
  10. oh yeah -- the other reason the economy is f^cked along with the market is because the investing community has NO CONFIDENCE in W.

    on a personal level, i feel bad for him since it must suck to have everyone thinking you're a complete moron whose daddy set you up, but let's call a spade a spade here...he is a moron and nobody has any confidence in him or his dirty administration...
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