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    what is the name of jack schwaggers fund?
  2. Market Wizards Fund
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  4. I checked the site, min account size is $2 mil, so currently has a max of 5 clients??

  5. yeah, something does not make sense.


    surfer :)
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    It appears Schwager may have moved on to other things. I believe he is currently associated with the following fund.


    I am not sure how much actual trading or even system development Schwager does, it appears he is using his name as a marketing ploy...
  7. windward


    I bet either there is a critical mass issue (fenetic trading in illiquid mkts) or its all schwagger's $$$ and he has no need for atttracting investors. However, that is weird. You would think he could use his ubiquitious name and blink at 250 mil. I know he also is invloved in a fund of funds as well.
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    LOL winward. He's not exactly as ubiquitous as Jackie Collins or John Gresham. Schwagger is known by several thousand traders who realize that half the trader's in his books are just like the rest of us...hot for a while and now hardly even in the business.

    I still remember reading a review of the first Wizards. The reviewer said something along the lines of :Out of all the millions of people who have attempted trading and lost, it's not statistically surprising that a half dozen people can be found who bet the ranch and won on five consecutive trades. Sort of like an infinite number of monkeys trading.......
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    I couldn't agree more about the trading "heroes". There is something to be said about some old timers that have made it over the long road. However, nothing rubs me wrong way than how smug the heroes are and how "genious" they are
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