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  3. I didn't know <b>he</b> was a market wizard. I thought he just interviewed market wizards.
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  5. Good video, wish I had a pause feature, at 1 hour 20 minutes approx is missed some due to other requirements. Good video though.
  6. A very interesting video. Makes me think I need to trash my day trading and go back to swing trading, which is where I made my money to begin with. Thanks for the link!
  7. The quality of the questions makes me wonder how much those dude understand what he is saying. Looks like a lot of mom and pop investors to me.
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    you could use something like TotalRecorder to get the sound (since there really isn't any video to see - other than Jack's facial expresions :) ). then you can play or replay it whenever.

    as for
    yup. in the very beginning Jack said something like, "If you only walk away from this with one thing, let it be find a methodology that fits your personality." one of the first few questions was "What advice do you have for a beginning trader?" good times. he should have told him "Bet it all."


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    I can't figure out how to play the video without stopping every 2-3 sentences. Apparently, my PC (Windows XP with IE6) downloads a small portion then plays it. The one hour video will likely take 3 hours to play like this....
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