Jack Schwager (Market Wizards) rare video

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  1. Found that cool video from the excellent Market Wizards book author Jack Schwager.

    The video is pretty long and very interesting and entertaining. This is a recorded talk that Schwager gives to a live audience.

    Lots of insight on trading psychology, methods and principles of the highly succesful traders.

    And Schwager is a fairly entertaining orator

    link here
  2. gotta get past that advertisement first
  3. i'm afraid to click on that weird link.

    tinfoil hat is on.. :D
  4. :p link might look weird indeed but its nothing dodgy (although you're probably right to be on your guard generally ;-)

    It is just from bit.ly ( http://bit.ly/ ) a url shortener (similar to tinyurl) made very popular by twitter

    the actual (long) link is

    The advertisement is fairly short though... ;-) And the video is quite worth it I think
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    You have to sign in. I don't like that crap...
  6. you can just give dummy information - there is no email activation link whatsoever. As long as the fields are populated in the correct format it lets you through...
  7. I watched part of it on youtube. haha It's entertaining.
  8. I have a video of Jack Schwager I bought from traderslibrary and it was on sale for $5. Compared to the extremely interesting Market Wizards book, I thought it was rather dull.

    But, I remember the part where he said he looked at what clients did in a managed account. He said they'd say they can stand a 40% drawdown but get out when they had a 10% loss.
  9. I wonder if the same would apply to me when I start trading the system that I am developping (ie over-estimate my tolerance to "pain"/drawdown)... :p
  10. I've heard that the funds that Schwager manages or advises don't do very well.

    You'd think that all that "knowledge" and "insight" from all those "wizards" woulda rubbed off on ol' Jack... :p
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