Jack Hershey's trading methods

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    <FONT face="Comic Sans MS">Please keep it on topic!

    This is intended to be a forum for those interested in learning and improving their understanding of Jack Hershey's trading methods. It is not intended to distract in any way or duplicate the great work Spydertrader is doing.

    Those not interested, detractors, buffoons, and their likes please refrain from posting here. Have a nice life, elsewhere!
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    I am all about hearing more, but I am curious... what do you want to discuss that isn't covered already in Spyder's journal?

    I wouldn't mind hearing some more targetted discussion on short strategies... especially after last week, ugh..

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    We have a common interest here. :)

    ZZZzzzzzzz recently posted a BA chart. I didn't follow BA at that point but I looked at its daily and 30 minute charts.

    Following my charts you can read Grob109 (Jack)'s analysis too.

    I opened a short BA position on 5/16 and closed it next day. See the results.

    Today I opened a new BA short position.

    5 day 30 min chart

    10 day 30 min chart

    1 mo daily chart

    New position at today's closing:

    <img src=http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/attachment.php?s=&postid=1081292>
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    Wow, nice trade and nice in progress trade on BA.

    Any one else using Jack's stuff for short setups? I am slowly trying to nail down the charting stuff for both long and short. The Dry Up Calc are a good way to start, but I need to uncover some more opportunities.
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    <FONT face="Comic Sans MS">I guess the "Trading"'s moderator misread my intentions for opening this thread and relocated it into "Journals".

    I don't intend to keep a journal here, and I don't even intend to be this thread's main contributor (although if there'll be not enough interest, I might end up so :)).

    My intentions remain those stated in my first post above.
    • yea! Trading: Open discussion on all aspects of day trading and short-term investing.
    • nay! Journals: The place for keeping a daily journal of wins, losses, and anything else related to your quest of becoming a better trader.
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    Actually this thread, and all threads related to Hershey's strategies (except Spyder's which is specifically a journal incorporating those methods) belong in the Strategy Trading forum. I am relocating this thread there now, sorry for all the jumping around but things should settle there.
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    Hummm... hope you're not too late for shorts....
  8. billp


    Congrats on your success.

    Appreciate a bit of advise here if you are willing. Thanks

    1) Noticed from the charts, that you do not necessarily draw channels which connect the tip of the candles (ie top/bottom of candle). Rather my impression is that you draw the channels which touches the most points (so the channel usually ends up connecting the open/close of candle).

    2) In the charts that you attached here, I noticed a downward red channel. Is this channel drawn in only when you notice the FTT occurin?. That means that will be the new channel?

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    I've seen a lot of posts relating to Jack's strategies for futures and for 6-8 day equities trades, but not much else. Does anyone know if Jack has written much on trading equities intraday? I believe he called this the "drift" period, but haven't been able to find anything more.

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    i figured this thread would have gotten more attention.... so bump

    yo, cmns you cover that BA short... it is looking really good still..

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