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  1. pvTrader


    I'm a long time lurker, first time poster...

    I'm finally posting because of the recent influx of Jack Hershey posts. Having been around the newsgroup/messageboards block a few times myself, I've seen Jack's posts sprout like mushrooms in every forum.

    After following numerous threads concerning his ideas, I can safely say that not one person has been able to distill his ideas in a concise fashion. Even those who work hard to follow his directions have not seen reality mesh with Jack's idealized theories. Please check this yourself through googling Jack Hershey's newsgroup posts.

    At first I buckled down and meticulously worked through his messages and ideas myself, but I eventually stopped trying when Jack avoided answering some very concrete questions by either ignoring the inquiries or beating around the bush. Some of these questions concerned his trading ideas, while others pertained to the stories of "remarkable" life accomplishments he sprinkles around his messages.

    For example, here is a *concrete* question for Jack:

    "You said you have published over 30 books (and have written papers for various US Presidents). Please tell us which books you have written as I'd love to check them out."

    If he answers this with real information, then I will humbly apologize. However, given the trend, I am quite certain he will simply ignore this request for clarity.

    Thanks for your time.
  2. tampa


    Can you give me one good reason why Jack should provide you with a list of his books?

    Suppose he never wrote any - does that make his trading ideas less valid?

    Suppose he provides you with the entire list - will that make it possible for you to suddenly understand his work?

    This is bullshit - plain and simple.
  3. tampa


    One more thing...

    What the hell does Jack's failure to provide you with a list of his books have to do with trading?
  4. Brother Tampa,

    I disagree... if Brother Hershey has published books, a perusal of these works will allow any of us to come to a better assessment of the credibility of his approaches...

    Just my 2 cents...

  5. okwon


    Because he the wrote books so others can read his work. Most people write books, so others can read them. Not to mention it would help people understand his posts.

    Yes. Because now there is an organized source of reference information we can access regarding Jack's methodology. No, we won't 'suddenly' be able to understand his work, but we would have a much better chance after reading his books.
  6. okwon


    He's trying to teach his trading methodology to people. People are having a hard time understanding him. He has written books that would most likely help people out who are having a hard time. Isn't it logical for him to give out a list of books he has written so others can read into the methods he is trying to teach.
  7. Arnie


    I've tried to follow some of Jack's posts in the Tech Analysis section. He has a very hard time clearly explaining what should be a simple concept. Trading theory isn't that difficult. I too would like to see the list of books he has published. Come on Jack, 'fess up!
  8. maxpi


    I think Jack is giving out a lot of ideas that he uses for trading, he doesn't feel obligated to tell anybody exactly how to use them though. Sometimes I can follow, and I do realize that he is on to something good because I'm on to it too, sometimes it's not worth it to me to try to reverse engineer his systems to find out what he is saying. I don't think he is doing anything that lots of other people don't know about generally, he may have done his homework more than most to get it right. I don't think he is a mathematician and when he talks about fractals it could be a misused term or it could come from a Gann square of 9 chart or a Fibonacci thing, I don't know about that stuff much.

    A search at Amazon does not turn up any books with him as the author, maybe he uses a pseudonym here or for the books, maybe the books came out decades ago. I find it encouraging that he is succeeding but basically I think it would be easier to get some software and backtest a lot of ideas than to try to figure out what the heck he is talking about.

  9. Jack has made grandiose claims. Why is it rude or disrespectful to ask him the names of a few of the many books he says he's written? If you met him at a party and he said, I've written 30 books, wouldn't it be natural to ask what they were? And wouldn't you think it pretty odd if he refused to answer?

    This really doesn't have anything to do with his trading ideas. He's under no obligation to explain those concepts at all, I agree. But it does go to the credibility of someone who says his methods are highly profitable. That's just common sense.
  10. Tampa,

    let me suggest that you face the reality. Yes, I know that it will be painful for you to finally realize that Jack is a fake guru, but perhaps it's better to do it sooner than later. Your totally uncritical attachment to Jack is a bit abnormal. You are simply refusing to see the light. :D

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