Jack Hershey?

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  1. Well respected in the ET community? Or what? he posts a lot of 'esoteric' methods??
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    No, he's definitely not well respected in the ET community. He's unable to write English, and although I'd be pressed to call trading 'easy' it is very simple to explain yet hard to do (excluding quant stuff).
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    Respected by who?

    The majority on ET or a minority?

    Remember, people say "95%" of trader can not trade sucesfuly, so make good sense to fade the majority!

    hasta luego amigo
  4. His quant stuff is equally "pseudo-scientifically unverified".
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    As pointed out, 95+% of ET are retrads, who cares what they think. Jack's posts go miles over my head and I don't have the patience to sit and read through their entire, tremendous length. If nothing else, he's at least intelligent - maybe a little to much so.
  6. The fact that Jack has run away from every challenge to get his stuff tracked, and the one time he did he appeared to have lost 24% and dropped out, says enough.

    The market does not run according to a rambling guru-wannabes heiroglyphic prattle.

    His stuff is basically nonsense, wrapped up in mysticism, and tied with prattle. And camoflauged in 30-50 paragraph rambles in an unknown tongue.

    This is his home kit:

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    Do you saying good traders never have losing streak?
  8. That has little to do with what was said.
  9. Well flamed is more like it. If you read what is written by those Mr. Hershey has mentored and supported in their trading careers over the years here you get a clear impression of a person who is selfless (I did not say modest) and gives generously of his scant remaining time on earth to guide those who will listen with open ears. Who can deny that he is garrulous, obtuse, rambling, and frustratingly opaque in print? Yet those who have been close to him speak in glowing terms of a man who above all promotes incisive penetrating thought practices and is blindingly eloquent in person. ET gurus come with great fanfare and regularity and exit embarrassingly and with equal regularity after relentless flensing by those here who really trade. Mr. Hershey is still here. Has he been definitively exposed as a fraud? I think not. Merely accused with at best circumstantial evidence.
  10. well, at least the spelling is mostly correct in this post.
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