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  1. Just out of curiosity, what books have you written? A quick search of your name on Amazon and on the Library of Congress database doesnt turn up anything.

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    What other online forums or websites can you find Jack's posts?

    Who knows maybe if I read enough posts I'll be able to understand what's going on.
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    she is Jack sidekick/ assistant, she did a pretty good jack-speak, in my opinion. She can't help it, there is only one way to be a duck as you know.

    you don't want to know, trust me :D
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    :D :D :D
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  6. Since so many people have expressed having a hard time understanding Jack Hershey's posts, I've run his last message through a special "logical de-noiser" algorithm I invented, and below his original quoted post is the new and improved extra-sensical version.

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    Size matters?
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  8. Hey, great idea... you know what I immediately thought of?
    How about running Jack's posts through some web foreign language translator that would translate them from English (I suppose) into, say, French and then back. I bet they would be much more meaningful then. Anybody wants to try it for fun?
    Post the results here.
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  9. You guys have been suckered again. The poster you know as "jack hersey" actually is a marketing rep for the Bayer company. They cleverly infiltrate hundreds of web forums with tantalizing yet indecipherable gibberish that has been designed by North Korean psychologists to produce intense headaches.
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  10. This is like watching Reginald Denny or Rodney King.

    Give the guy a friggin break!
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