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    You don't "must" do anything. But if you're going to be such an outspoken fan of the method, you ought to be able to explain it. If you can't, then that says something about your understanding of the method. If you can but don't want to, then perhaps you're not as secure in your understanding of the method as you think you are.

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  2. #1 Problem: Exclusive use of Jack-erese instead of English. What he's saying can only be understood thru the use of Jackerese-English translator (unfortunately, we haven't found one yet!)

    #2 Problem: If the rules laid out so far produced sucky results today, Jack simply says that we've missed some new elements (which are then immediately described in (you guessed it!) Jack-erese).

    #3 Problem: Credibility. It's been shown on another forum that Jack uses tricks like posting and hailing his own methods under a different moniker.

    #4 Problem: Refusal to organize the material. The amount of time Jack spent posting posts in all the different forums and replying to questions here and there, there must be way more than enough time to put all of his "good stuff" into maybe a 50 (max 100) page e-book/web page. Instead he seems to enjoy spewing Jackerese posting here and there, bringing new "students" into the realm, rather than organizing the material, referring the students there and then dealing with the finer details if students have questions.

    Unfortunately, JACK SUCKS. Nice go at being a local guru though. Next please.
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    Again I am at a loss. And frankly, I don't give a crap about your understanding of anything I may understand.

    Have I made myself perfectly clear?
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    I liked the "Next please" part of your post. It seems to sum up your trading career perfectly.
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  5. It's not about him having any agenda, it's simply a matter of accountability. Look, I have my systems that work and promised to release them to the public, but I have not done that yet because they need more backtesting and forward testing, at least for others to believe they work, not for me because I have done enough testing to feel confident that they work. I don't have much time for backtesting because I also work on newer systems, so perhaps I will release them only when I have forward tested them for long enough. But, here you have an individual that promises you nice round figures once you master his methods and yet you simply don't even know if you should ever take him seriously because he sounds like someone on crack and provides no proof that his methods work.
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    Damn, Db you hit the nail on the head.
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    That's what I figured.

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  9. This will help you out a little.

    The last poll taken was on MIF and it showed 4 out of 5 poeple dissagree with my ways and what I am and what I represent.

    In 1960, a similar measure was taken by a group of volumteers in Poughkeepsie, NY. 1 out of five people after about three years, it was determined, felt that what I did and how it worked was sensible and worthwhile.

    Some time passed. For both cases the same result attained. the first millionaire came from the 1960 group. More recently, it is easier to make that kind of money. Start up users, are able it turns out to make 11.1% with an average hold of 6.6 days. Re: commodities, I use an example of a person's first 20 hours of trading on 10 separate occasions over 8 weeks; the account showed a value of 160% of the initial value for a 60% gain. The person had losses and, on occassion, I shut him down because he was behind the beat on a play.

    I draw this conclusion: 4 out of 5 people do not like what I do, how I operate and the type a person I am. Make that a given here. My test of efficacy is transference. If you know how to google; gin up 30 posts in ragingbull for a day where a bunch of people exited a stock at 22, reentered at 11 and closed at 16. I did the posts 5 to 15 min ahead of time so they could play it as a courtesy. I had seen the stock starting on the prior day for the first time.

    The first time I turned in a paper (his #1 domestic priority) for President Carter for the 5 o'clock helicopter it was 7 pages long and three hours before 5:00 pm. I was told to redo it before 5 to make it a 1 pager. I declined and requested to be relieved of duty if that was appropriate at the 11:00. The President worked on it for 7 hours and I received the legal note pad temporarily, to forward the next steps.

    Nobody likes how I write except a few. Add that annecdote to your list.

    You can find numerous people who have lost money using my methods. Those people for the most part were adults.

    I respond to people who ask. I occassionally find someone who is a tough strong person who can take my chidding and admonitions so I work the turf accordingly. On the otherhand I show patience occassionally.

    I do not respond in kind to anyone who is critical of me in an unfounded way. They are challenged bt their baggage.

    I have the equtiesstuff in software in C language and it performed at the 11.1% for and av 6.6 day hold. just recently I dug up the logic sheets for the expert level of futures indexes. I bought airline tickets through August to transfer the stuff to a programmer in SF. Because i could not meet his requirement that i dig them out by x date so he could use time available he declined to turn them into software. So right now I am deciding to do them over one more time instead of spending too much time on here.

    In both cases I plan on giving the algorithms away as I have done with the last nearly 30 royalties and copywrite for all the books I have written. Put that on the list too.

    I am not being smug or anything else. The facts speak for themselves. What I do is transferable and people enjoy the wealth they have. I almost scanned a Singapore subway ticket as a humourous comment.

    When zbear asked about the market a couple of days ago, I actually thought he wanted to know. How could I know he didn't give a crap when he asked for some information.

    Someone said here that they has been reading my BS for four years. that alone is a terrific record for a bullshitter. I hope he also sees how consistant I am.

    The thread on stochastics I didn't start. I just made some comments and a guy told be to cut the crap and buzz off. Someone else started the thread and suggested that I post there to get the topic out of an important one on trading price only.

    The stock market and commodities has been very good to me. because one day for one hour in an office a person gave me some clues as to what it was all about in 1957, I started returning the favor in 1960. People change. A lot of people here represent less than they are capable of. and for sure they are going to continue to try to nail me. Go for it. I'm 70 as you know

    I'm a CERT instructor designate in Tucson; if you meet me under those conditions you can bet you are going to get it right there too.
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  10. I am going to leave this one alone. :)
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