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  1. dbphoenix


    In other words, tampa doesn't understand it either. :p

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  2. Who understands what he is saying and who does not. Stocktrader, since you started this thread, let me suggest that you do the poll.

    Here are possible options:
    1. you understand JH
    2. you do not understand him
    3. you think that what he says works
    4. you think that what he says does not work

    Let see the outcome. I personally have hard time with people using words like 'fractals' or 'harmonics' in a way they were not meant to be used. But hey, that does sounds scholarly, doesn't it?
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  3. NihabaAshi

    But the other stuff that you said belongs in chit chat in my opinion

    Maybe you are right about this, however the reason I put this stuff into my original post is because Jack tends to sprinkle his posts with various claims such as the following:

    I get citations from SEC for insider trading because they detect multiple accounts I have POA on are trading like insider trading.

    I am plagued with rules like limiting by thread to 100,000 shares of one stock there and not reading more thqan 10% of the days cummulative volume. You will not face this for a few years but it is coming if you get in the groove.

    You can creme the market so well that your broker is totally dependant upon you all the time for the benefit of his clientele. You can't imagine how commissions are set.

    I pop into Singapore occassionally and all the other places you can think of too. I did miss snorkling in Antartica this January (summertime) but not next year

    Since 1957, I have been doing 6 to 8 day cycle for 10% and now with the invention of commodities indexes you can pull down a bout 50 times the ROI using the same stuff.

    I am trained in the same manner as Ed Seykota and Soros so I have an orientation to systems and how they function

    For background, in my travels I have participated with CANSLIM and some of it's followers. Amoung others a protege of WJO. So I have been involved with their institutional service, the beta testing of dailygraphs, etc. I was also asked to produce some math to replace the weekly sort for cup and handle and on another occassion to deal with an arbitrage function for the institutional service. Enough said.

    If you are an expert ( making 150 to 250 K a year per contract), you can play congestion opposing the whiplash of others who are paying you.

    If these claims are true then this guy is a trading god and we should all be greatfull to have him posting on these forums and allowing us to learn from him, if the claims are false however then I stand by what I said in the first post of this thread.
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  4. I too do believe that many people should do their homework more frequently than they really do and that does not relate to Jack's methods only. However, this is not about doing homework in this case, as many people here have tried hard to understand what he has been saying and yet they have failed to grasp it. On top of that, you get his promises of exorbitant riches once you master his methods. For most of us the question still remains though: 'what are his methods?'
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    OK that might cover one of his systems. But there are numerous other things Jack talks about. Fractals, harmonics, setting up matrices, etc., etc. Yes, I have an idea of what each of these things are. I just can't understand what he is saying. I just find I'm having trouble understanding his words and phrases and was wondering whether that had to do with me not having enough background knowledge or if he is just writing in a way that is difficult to understand.
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    But Wally, your outcomes don't answer stocktrader's core question. Has anyone at ET consistently made money trading Jack's methodologies over a period of many months? (stocktrader actually said years, but I think years is too long to ask of Jack since we don't know when he developed the methodologies)
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    No onee is going to "explain" Jack's methods to you. And you will never grasp it by reading what has been posted. You have to do it - trade it, to fully understand.If you are not willing to do that, this thread is a waste of time.

    Maybe Jack's "claims" are a bit inflated - maybe you can only pull down 20K per contract - so what? He ain't sellin' nothin'
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  8. I agree, but to believe that anyone is consistently making money using his methods I would need a more solid proof than just someone saying it on this board. The goal of the poll I suggested was more modest.
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  9. Trendy
    (stocktrader actually said years, but I think years is too long to ask of Jack since we don't know when he developed the methodologies)

    No I meant years, as I mentioned in my first post although Jack has only recently started posting on this site, he has been posting for a number of years on different sites so if his stuff really works I would have expected there to be traders here that have been successful employing his systems for a few years.
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    Can you come up with one good reason why anyone should do that for you? Other than the fact that you hold a higher regard for yourself than others might.
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