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    Thanks for the update dkm. I'm just wondering whether his methodology is particularly suited for ES for some reason, and not equities in general. His methodology is a trend continuation one, so one would think it would work for equities and futures a like. Interesting.
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    Jack's method for trading equities is long only. He focusses on growth stocks, based on CANSLIM criteria.

    He trades futures from a "neutral standpoint" i.e. both long and short.

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    No reason at all why his stochastics method shouldn't be applied to equities as well as futures. You just need good liquidity. Jack focussed on a minimum 65 day average volume of 300k.

    We were not using stochastics when trading together last year. It was based around stock selection using his TC2000 equations and breakouts from Flat Top Pennants after Dry Up Volume, using MACD.

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    thanks for the reply.
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    very nice, very nice, thanx.
    is BBQ = barbecue
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  6. Well when I started this thread yesterday, I did not expect to get as many responses and for it to trigger other threads on Jack too. I thank everyone who has taken the time to post on this thread, and I sincerely wish people like Tampa who appear to be having some success using Jacks methods all the best for the future.

    In my first post I posed the following question :-

    I guess what I am asking is the following question, are there any people here on ET who have used Jacks methods (either for day trading futures or swing trading stocks) for a few years and have found his methodologies to be sound and enable one to make the kind of consistent profits Jack says are possible?

    There are nearly 16,000 traders registered on this site, this particular thread has attracted nearly 100 replies and has had over 5000 views. I imagine if there were people out there who have been making the kind of returns over several years that Jack claims is possible, they would have posted on here to praise their guru. The fact that no one has come forward to say they have used Jack’s systems for years profitably makes me seriously question his methods.
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  7. There is a strength in the numbers , not the truth .
    If I were you, I would rather seriously question quality of participants then Jack's method. Only if you really want to know, of course, but I seriously question that.
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  9. No doubt. lol
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