Jack Hershey, why won’t you simplify ??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by inf000, May 7, 2007.

  1. inf000


    You know what I find really weird

    How Jack won’t explain in simple terms what he is doing. And I know exactly why.

    How can he or I for that matter admit that trading is so simple and that we spent our good years learning all the unnecessary things.

    Jack can’t possibly say after A comes B, that would entail him giving you the knowledge in one paragraph.

    He has to make it look like a profound discovery in order to give himself meaning as well.

    I know Jack I know, its tough

    I am in the same position, It took me 3 years to learn what I can teach in 1 hr.

    But my message to you Jack is.

    Either tell them like it is, or shut your mouth.
  2. Ths use of obscure, needlessly complicated jargon or otherwise contrived language makes one APPEAR intelligent. This characteristic is to me a red flag that there may be bs in the area.

    I don't know Hershey, and have no interest in criticizing him or his methods, but there are plenty of gurus guilty of that practice.

    To the contrary, I subscribe to the view that clear writing is a sign of clear thinking.

    Trading is not rocket science, nor is it brain surgery. Not that trading is easy, mostly for psychological reasons, but there is no need for the specialized lingo.
  3. jtnet


    you have to read between the lines my friends, trading is mental, not mechanical.
  4. inf000


    you are missing the point of my thread

    and by the way, I don't need you to teach me anything :cool:
  5. Don't you do the same right now? Instead of just telling people what it's all about if it's that easy, you just state that you know the truth, but don't tell what this truth exactly is and blame the other person for not telling this "simple truth".

    I would say in this case that you use "Jack Hershey" brand to promote yourself as another guru who "knows what it is all about". :)
  6. inf000



    When did I in my post claim that I am even remotely interested in teaching others what took me my blood to learn myself
  7. I don't exactly say that you say you ARE interested. But you act like you are and of course it would be stupid to state that right in first post. :)

    And if I am wrong and you are not, then your thread is even more useless simply because you blame JH in overcomplicating, but still sharing things that you know but will never share with anyone here.

    Isn't it better for anyone to get a truth in overcomplicated form, but still get it than just read a pointless bragging: "I know the truth, but won't tell anyone!"?
  8. Jander


    I am finding it a bit hard to believe that you have spent years and 'blood' discovering the path to successful trading, and now that you have achieved this feat you come to ET to read Jack Hershey threads, provoke internet arguments, and give Jack some advice re: his teaching style --- Congrats to you sir
  9. inf000


    Let me be brutally honest with your CFerret

    you signed up in 2005 now its 2007

    assuming that is when you started thinking about trading

    shouldn't you already have a good idea of how you should be trading

    shouldn't begging for a trading method be below you now.

    instead of us now exchanging insults

    why don't you turn off ET and study some charts

    ET is a waste of time for people who are looking to learn to trade
  10. Who cares. Why do you start a thread about this? Man, what a waste of time. If you don't like how the man teaches, then don't read his stuff. You don't need to start new threads bashing him just because you don't understand. I don't follow his stuff, so I'm not defending him. I'm just annoyed by a thread like this popping up every two weeks. It's the same thing 100's of other people have posted in the last years.

    Get a life. Seriously people get over yourselves. If you don't like someone's technique, stop reading it. You don't need to write about it and criticize it just to make yourself feel less dumb. I am just fed up with the pointless posts on this board lately.
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