Jack Hershey students - are you profitable day-traders?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by dom993, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. dom993


    I am a bit overwhelmed by the numerous posts of Jack Hershey, making all sorts of claims re. his day-trading method, and never able to articulate anything in an accessible manner - not to mention, hijacking threads without addressing the least their OP's subject.

    Before I put him on ignore, I though I would ask for his past & present students' feedback. For you guys (and for you only) I have the following questions:

    - how long have you studied Jack Hershey's intraday method ?
    - are you profitable trading that method?
    - is there training materials available from him (or anyone / anywhere) that is understandable by a "normal" person ?

    Jack, please refrain from posting in this thread, thanks in advance - but you are welcome to PM me with any information you want to provide me.

    Moderators, I hope Educational Resources is the right forum for this, if not feel free to move it where it belongs. Thanks.
  2. ocean5


    It is not a Jack Hershey method per se,but an expanded Dow Theory.As for profitability,non of his followers make money,even after the decades of follwing.Google frenchfry,for e.g.,he`s still confused.
  3. wrbtrader


    You've clearly implied you're going to put him on ignore. Therefore, why you interested in him or his students after publicly announcing such a decision ???

    Simply, I'm perplex that if he rubs you wrong like that, shouldn't you truly put the man on ignore and move on instead of playing these types of cat & mouse games with someone that's anonymous and always will be.

    Anyways, Jack Hershey has outlasted or outlived many before him that have done exactly what you've done in starting this thread. You should really just get over it regardless to what his followers post here at ET or at other forums.
  4. dom993


    I am sincerely trying to see if there is any value I would forever miss by putting him on ignore.

    BTW, you don't seem to be a former or current student of his, this thread isn't for you to post either - re-read the 1st post if you have any doubt about that.
  5. Bullcrap.

    People are sick and tired of this condescending old geezer posing as expert, talking excrement that requires a nuclear physicist to understand, when it's just a joke to amaze and confuse while giving false hopes to those looking for something real.

    Deadly and dangerous poster if you ask me.
  6. wrbtrader


    If you truly thought there was a "single hair" of value...you wouldn't be making a public announcement about putting someone on ignore. In contrast, you would have searched the internet and realized there are users of Hershey's method posting actively elsewhere and some even posting brokerage statements.

    Anyways, I'll move on now and let you waste your time chasing Jack Hershey at Elitetrader.com while most of ET have him on ignore via reasons that has nothing to do with his method :D
  7. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    actually he will be back with a new name asking the same question again and again.
  8. Hershey is the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard.
  9. dom993 adds more value with one post than Hershey has added in his entire gamut of posts.
  10. Now that I know how to trade without a "guru", seeing people hang on Hershey's every word is a good reminder of just how many confused traders there are out there. At least the "guru" I learned from was profitable and paid his taxes on time.
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