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Discussion in 'Politics' started by nwbprop, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. As i have recently found that bubba7/jack hershey has been banned from ET, I have started a group at MSN that i hope jack will come too. I am sick of the **** and hoops that Jack has too jump through too post. This i my invitation too Jack and everyone else who appreciated jack's teachings. This thread is only going to focus on jacks' strategies and devitaions of it. FLamers will not be tolerated.


  2. simstim


    it's too bad jack was banned, when it should be trend fader and inandlong that should be banned for causing and instigating this whole mess in the first place.
  3. I think it's horrible that Jack was banned.

    Please keep me posted regarding where Jack will continue sharing his methods.

  4. 'crap' being posted left and right and moderators don't even know it!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLLLL....
  5. dbphoenix



    There is a Hershey's Equities thread. Why not institute a Hershey's Futures thread? Surely there are enough of you who have been studying it long enough to help each other. If you want to take it all offsite, of course, that's up to you.
  6. nkhoi


    it's a sad day indeed.:( :eek: :( :eek: :(
  7. maxpi


    That's friqqing weird. One guy is posting useful stuff and he gets banned. It was definitely hard to read but the guy's approach was excellent.

    Can anybody explain here for everybody what he was talking about with the volume signal for the entry? I was looking forward to understanding his acutal signals for entry and now he got banned. Jeez, we put up with so much garbage on this forum and then Hershey gets banned. They should have paid him to post here.

  8. nkhoi


    future or equities?