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    OK, I am pretty sure I get your trend charting method, and understand the FTT, FBO, BO, but don't know how to trade it, which is kinda important.

    Just charted the ES after hours, to practice. Attached chart. no idea where you would have entered/exited/etc.
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    yeah im sure u can sort thru the 900+ pages in the forum and figure it out.

    yeah no one has made $ at it. but good luck lol
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    I am not Jack but I will give you an answer that will save you not only a lot of money but your entire trading capital.

    You don't know how to trade it because there's no way to trade this method. It's outrageous, inaporpiate and out of synch with the market. I assure you 100% it's like sticking a square in a round hole.

    Jack lives in a fantasy land and have a bunch of followers that are daydreaming.

    Don't believe everything you see on this forum.

    Leearn about price action combined with support and resistance. I assure you, the charts will look a lot cleaner, logical and will make plenty of sense to you. There's plenty of info about S/R on this forum and on the internet.
  4. why hate on another mans system? trading is to simple and so complex at the same time.

    the simple part is that if you spend the time and truly dedicate yourself in developing a trading method that meshes with you, you will succeed.

    the complex part is sticking to it until you get the system and realizing that you can't ever perfect the system. you have to be dynamic enough to continue to learn and modify yourself and the system.

    i am struggling right now with the continuing to learn part. i feel like there is a block on top of me that wont allow me to break a certain $# barrier.
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    There's no hate for another man's system. In Jack's case, simply put, there's no system, just fantasies.
  6. well let him do whatever he wants. any man that wants to use a system that doesnt work is okay in my book bc he helps pay my bills.
  7. all those line you need to draw on your chart to ''trade'' this system can only be drawn correctly after the fact. its impossible to get the same results in real time.

    its a very good hindsight system, will never work in real time mode. forget it.
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    Oh man. you're absolutely rigth.

    couldn't agree more.
  9. Jack Hershey is to trading what crash test dummies are to windshields
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    I can see you are the man in a hurry but when you are in a rush you kinda miss something importance; namely, the volume.
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