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  1. It seemed that there were several cases being coded into that portion, and it reads like this to me:
    {Scoring Function}
    function calcPVADScore() : integer;
    var Score : integer = 0 ;
    var BopTBSeries : integer = SMASeries( BOPSeries, 1 );

    if (@#Close[BarCount - 1] > 1.01 * @#Close[BarCount - 2]) then
    Score := Score + 4;

    It reads if this bars close is bigger than the previous bars add 4 to the score

    if (@#volume[BarCount - 1] > 1.10 * @#volume[BarCount - 2]) then
    Score := Score + 2;
    and if the volume on this bar is greater than 10% more than the previous volumes bar add 2
    if @BopTBSeries[Barcount - 1] > 0.00 then
    Score := Score + 1;
    and if whatever the hell the BOP tb series on the last bar is greater than....0? What the hell does that have to do with anything, anway, add 1 to the score.
    Result := Score; {this line returns the score}.


    var PVADScore : integer = calcPVADScore ;

    They are creating a series from this. WTF is a BOPseries? It's a native WL indicator, but it doesn't look useful to me.

    Whatever, I'll see if they go to use it, and I'll check the old scripts for it.
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  2. No slippage?

    Is that because you entered/exited on the close of the bar that gave the signal like ScottD did?

    If so, could you post results for entering/exiting next bar on the open, with and without slippage?

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  3. Don't interpret that as "BUY HERE" It's actually a watchlist generator that when it releases signals you are supposed to add it to your watchlist, but in this case it is irrelevant then, since we already know we just want to work with SPX or ES or whatever the hell index you want.
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  4. "No slippage" is impossible.

    Everything has slippage ... except Jack's fantasy trades.

    Those don't have any slippage. :p
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  5. Go to the link I gave you and click on BOPseries and it will take you to an explanation.
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  6. No. Read the paper I attached several posts ago.
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  7. So is entering and exiting on the close of the bar that gave you the signal which was calculated using the closing price.
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  9. No, I'm buying at market on the open on next tick, but I'm approximating it with 0.01 ticks exactly on the .SPX and not actually on the ES. In fact, I believe this is benefitting the backtest but gets to the point pretty quickly.
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  10. This also makes it obvious that he is not a real developer, and another tinkerer because once you "know the bar has closed" that bar is gone and you can't buy there, but it seems they're too stupid to realize this. You know I did post the code, and I think if you've seen easylanguage you can interpret it, except for the indicator parts.
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