Jack Hershey Heuristics

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Arthur Deco, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. I have been trying to understand Jack for nearly as long as he has been trying to be understood. This Odyssey has been not unlike the Five Stages of Grieving. But this morning, after months of algorithm dicking and threshold tuning, at precisely 9:31:25 an indicator that Jack inspired called the NQ morning turn on my one-second chart. No matter that the indicator Jack originally proposed was on five-minute, or that it didn't remotely work as advertised, or that the market reality of it didn't match his beautiful theory. My maladaptation of it worked like a hose. That is why I always read Jack carefully, and if what he posts is even remotely codeable, I try it. Thanks Jack for the heuristics!
  2. Jack, a legend to all paper traders.
  3. Apparently so much so that you felt the need to create a user name to honor him!


  4. Yes, I find him absurd, I find his followers mindless. So yes, guilty as charged ... watching his sheep analyze every word is great entertainment.

    But of course Jack Nestle is not nearly as creative as FirePlace ... touche.
  5. My contention wasn't 'creativity' of user name, it was more to poke fun at someone who would waste a user name trying to mock someone else.