Jack Hershey goes whiny on Collective2 when system bearing his name collapses

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  1. Today, Jack Hershey went nuclear on someone on Collective2 who was using a system claiming to be based on Jack;s works (a system called "Spyder" surprisingly enough.)

    Funny thing, Jack said nothing until the system collapsed yesterday. While it was going up, he was mute.

    Nothing is ever new under the Jack Hershey sun. Cannot stand anyone to say anything bad about his useless wares. Wouldn't be surprised if Jack used "force" to get the vendor to pull his name from the system.. Or even, maybe the "vendor" was Jack or Spyder in a weak attempt to get some proof of his unworkable system, until the system imploded.

    We still remember his 24% loss when he DID try to prove it. That is why he is always noncomittal abuot his performance.

    Jack's rant about the "Spyder" system:

    I reviewed (14, 15NOV 08) this system with Matthew Klein, CEO of C2. As you see my name has been removed from the documentation for good reason.. I do not know who the vendor of this appraoch or method is. Consult my profile to completely and fully to determine that this system was and is a misrepresentation of anything I am associated with in any way whatsoever.

    The "good reason" is probably that the system collapsed.

    His Collective2 profile says about himself:

    I trade applications of an agorithm I created:pVT, SCT and SSR. PVT trades stocks 100 cycles per year @ 10% per cycle. there is a 100,000 share cap per stream. SCT trades, intraday, 20 to 40 traversal rades all in all the always on the right side of the market. the net profit yield is 3x ATR daily on the 3 min ES index. SSR does sector rotation in stocks @ 4 % a week for 4 1/2 week holds.

    Jack STILL believes he pulls 3X ATR profit daily. The delusions of grandeur continue...

  2. apak


    Mr. rcanfiel I still think you are a bit of a nut case

    but you do have certain qualities, I'll grant you that

    you are the one who created that system on C2 in order to shove it to Jacko the Whacko

    there is hope for you yet, you sly fox :)

    ever thought about working for MOSSAD
  3. More accurately, someone (bwolinski) who posts in ET read a new comment in C2 posted a by a new member of C2. That reader, apparently, did not notice other changes made in the vendor's description of his subscribable system.

    The new comment may or may not have been posted in ET at that time.My profile as stated in C2 is partially represented above. Why it was abstacted is the way it is.

    The trading days mentioned above was profitable and involved being in the market for 25 minutes while doing 8 trades on 14NOV08. This is in contrast to the trading done on the 14NOV08 in the Iterative Refinement and the SCT Boot Camp threads.

    Anyone using SCT to trade ES would not have been in the mark for scalping periods and been sidelined for all but 25 minutes of the day.

    It is very possible for traderzones, trader666, bwolinski to not be able to discern these contrasting things.

    Collectively they and their ilk, have made several points about my factual past history. These include:

    1. Comments on a trading contest regarding the final results posted by the contest operator. It had 24 contestants.

    2. I posted a hot list for a person to use in trading PVT.

    3. There are many scripts posted for mechanical support in trading PVT and SCT.

    4. Curve fitting for equities Universes.

    From these facts many things have been construed. What is construed does not reflect on me. If there is a reflection of any sort it, it comes down to the evaluator who reads the comments added to the facts.

    Different people perform in a variety of skill level to take the market's offer. My view is that the standard of comparison is how well the market's offer is extracted by any trader.

    The significant factors for performance hinge on capital available, leverage negotiated, multiples of capacity traded, and the sophisitcation of the ATS in use. Everything else is a relatively minor consideration.

    Neither ET nor C2 are communities that deal with these matters as they relate to trading. Contests are the same.

    If a person makes criticisms and judgements of other and uses himself as the standard; then two outcomes are possible. From one orientation another person is doing porrly or drom the other orientation the person is doing the unbelievable and the astonishing. Anyone can be in either place. If anyone stops for a moment and brings the market's offer into the picture, then performance can be determined from a common superior standard. That's what I do and that is why I have worked to use pool extraction to take the market's offer.

    That is why this chart (below) is what is used to consider how a trading business plan may be formulated.


    The vertical scale is in ES contracts having 2,000dollars each backing them as margin.

    When the market's offer is superimposed on the chart (it will be when the six curves are available) and the four above mentioned significat factors will be incorportated in the Business Plan and the attendnant Trading Plan.

    This detractor humor is just a sideshow.
  4. jem


    your business plan is flawed.

    When I consider my 2es business plans - I must consider the current economic crises and how much cash is being drained away from my trading opponents. Unfortunately resources are being mis-allocated away from from the other side of my trades to broke financial entities.

    You are clearly not trading or you would recognize the lack of liquidity is directly related to the feds new raptor defense anti profit modalities. lenders are no longer allowed to trade against me by proclamation of Obama. .

    Because the fed resources have been drained by previously non competing entities, I realized my model needed adjustment. I have therefore decided to trade one side of the market while I am sleeping. Giving the fed time to rest.

    It reminds me to the time ollie north and ronald reagan asked me to trade their accounts against volker. We let him know that if he did not begin to drop rates - my trading program would take all the feds money.

    After taking billions out to the market all but a few dozen million was given to charity and the catholic church to fund the anti commie movement.

    Unfortunately that left some of my trading profits were devoted to ollie's activities - causing Reagan to deny any knowledge of my trading programs.
  5. This post has nothing to do with the OP
  6. but it had everything to do with something!!
  7. It was posted in jest.
  8. ok......
  9. Get your facts straight fool. There weren't 24 contestants in the trading contest, your performance was -24% and you came in dead last.

    Look in the mirror to see who really can't discern.
  10. Jack, as long as you continue to evade being audited, everything you say is irrelevant. Several different probes into your claims in the past have come up negative.
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