Jack Hershey for Dummies

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  1. Dearest Jackie. I have pickled all of my organs in Everclear for over fifty years, so everclearly I shall live forever. You, my beloved, on the other hand, have lived a virtuous life with as many lives as Muhammed, and are doomed to die. So here is my offer. To ensure your intellectual immortality, join me here in an exploration (not unlike a colonoscopy) of the nature of markets and of the telling behaviors of price and volume. Unlike the rest of ET, I know that you are a conjoined mind. All of you are rank pussies if you do not assept my unkind offer. C'mon! Five on one odds not gud enuf far ya? "And who would fardels bear..."

    As a newly minted radio operator, I say:

    "Jackie, this is Mikey, radio check, over."

    Voice protocol applies to any further communication. Capisce? Comprende? Comprenez?
  2. No,Jack just stuck in his old clichés,no one wants read anymore.
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    >>To ensure your intellectual immortality
    rest assured, it is already ensure
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    "Jack Hershey for Dummies"

    I thought ALL JH was for dummies.
  5. W2VJA

    Please transmit.

    very cool thread title.....

    Let's see who can't get up to Dummy level.
  6. Nothing quite so exalted. Just a GMRS license.

    Pour commencer, could you kindly explain to la foule ET the concept of the market's offer as it applies to daytrading ES? I believe that to be the fundamental assumption of your method. If you disagree, please start where you will.

    I may or may not reply promptly, as I am suffering from dry heaves after converting my system from eSignal 10.6 to 11.5. The bastards shut off simultaneous operation from both versions, and look to be starting to desupport 10.6.
  7. BTW, I didn't bother to search for that bogus call sign. Nice try. At least try to get the format right.

  8. I have experienced a couple of era's in communication.

    the second world war created the 400 cycle world but in ham radio 60 cycle prevailed.

    I mentioned the Hammerland super pro to you as a consequence.

    the ham radio era was neat becuase electroniics was having a heyday.

    when my kids were teenagers they were nuts about the CB messaging. My daughter Lisa was always chatting with truckers when we were on the road.

    Any way I see you rejected the call letters; thats how it goes.

    After college I really got into the hifi and building push pull(Mac's) amplifires. I had matched 5881's in my final stage. I used a commercial Rekocut (s) and GE 1201's for the bass stereo.
  9. Never got into ham myself, had a first wife that wouldn't have tolerated it. Just like you not to admit that you tried to pull a con, even a trivial one like the call sign. "Thats how it goes." If Baron uses the format he unveiled oilier this week, I will never be back again. ET's content is too lightweight to work hard to find it.
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    I did mid 70's through early 80's or so. Have/had a General class license.
    I have no idea if it's still valid or not. WB4VOO

    I hated that call sign, even though I was proud of the license.
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