Jack Hershey broke and in debt to the government

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  1. Jack Hershey has a tax lien against him for unpaid taxes to the tune of $82,000 that was filed in 2006. If you go to Maricopa County's recorder web site (http://recorder.maricopa.gov/recdocdata/) and type into the Recording Number fields, the following number: 2006 1575958 and click "search" you will be able to see the recorded document.

    A background investigation also found that he has no real assets (in terms of real-estate) and does not sit on the board of any company... in fact he is broke and in debt... evidence also shows that Jack has a few failed marriages behind him where he has left monies owed in the split ups. He currently resides in a very modest house owned by his latest partner and lives off her income.
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    it's a virus don't click on it!
  3. Yeah, because you know those .gov sites are full of viruses [​IMG]
  4. trademonster12 really?

    As in really you believe this post adds value to this website? This is the kind of place we want and this is what we do to each other?

    "evidence" appears that you have more than one log in account and perhaps are in violation of rule 5. Unless of course you opened your account and thought it was a good idea to start bashing others.

    Maybe get your own house in order first before making posts like this. If you are doing so well I am sure you will be willing to show your results for the last three trading years and then we can see how smart and wealthy you are.

    Life brings everyone their share and sometimes more of both good days and bad days. I hope you don't find people treating you the way your acting when you have a challenging time in your life. you should publically apologize and give a vet organization $100.

    Maybe then you could show that you are not a child.
  5. Its not a virus! I just went to the link. It doesn't say anything about houses or history. All it says is a 1-pager that says "unpaid balance of assessment" of 82262.34 and that this was for the tax period ending 2002
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    If someone has solid proof that Jack Hershey is a complete fake, then they should post it here. Otherwise some poor guy could end up spending years reading that garbage system. If you have a great system, it would stand to reason that you would make money from it. If after years and years you've made no money from it, I think it's safe to say it's not a good system.
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    But on the upside Jack is still making quality calls like this one

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