Jack Hershey – MACD and Stochastics helpers for 123 and FTT's

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  1. This is a super annotation that shows the FTT's (red vertical for short and green vertical for long).

    The clustering of these FTT signals and the 5,2,3 on this level of trading make for a very complete data set. All of this shows how a retrace (non dom) turns into a dom as the BO occurs.

    As a person goes through the process of using P and V in the P, V relation on this level and completes the skills acquisition to do the trading, then it is possible to look deeper into the finer set of traverses within the traded traverses. It also makes it possible to appreciate that during tihs level of trading, that the price movements between trades (reverses on FTT's) each have a succession of prices that lead to a good net formed by the extremes of the FTT's.

    As a person looks futher into the finer level of trading it is possible to see that there are interveening opportunities to act within the FTT to FTT traverses emphasized.

    These smaller more frequent holds simply come into view as the sensitivity of the MADA is ratcheted up another notch.

    In past posts in this thread I gave a little emphasis to these matters. I also posted in the IR jornal some comments on designing the logging rows from the viewpoint of the 2 min bars of YM. The resulting sweep rate does put the finer level of sensitivity on the table.

    The combined result of these things is that the FTT to FTT level illustrated becomes a lot more relaxed as segments of profits are acquired.

    The symptoms of trading solid profit segments do lead to relaxation as the MADA is performed. An orderliness will result as drilling continues. All of this opens the door to being cognizant of the importance of intrabar signal occurances. This is the limiting case of manual trading and it is very very comfortable as the transition to intrabar is completed. I find, in working with others that their vocabulary for operating does become an intrabar vocabulary, finally. the expressions just come naturally as a consequence of having facility to trade on all three levels of channels.

    We grow the levels with channel annotation from small to large and we learn to use FTT's from large to small. Here we see the convergence of annotating going upwards and trading turns becoming more frequent by more sensitivity to the details.
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  2. nkhoi

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    stoc crosses 50
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  3. ES chart for today with MACD and stochastic.

    Hope to be posting how the channels relate to MACD and stochastics indicators in the days ahead.

    Swift and severe critique expected.
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  4. Tums


    Nice chart...

    can you also draw a vertical line on where you believe signals are triggered?
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  5. Thanks. In due time. Learning the correlations myself. Hopefully it will be another set of tools in the tool box.
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    I have backtested a lot of variables using OpenQuant using a months worth of ES 5min bars. I get the best results using 70/30 as slow stochastic exit signals.

    Data from 11/2 - 13/3.
    376 trades.
    85 points.

    I have enclosed a equity chart.

    Can anyone elabroate how many $ one ES point is?
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  7. $50.
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