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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by raulcasso, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. raulcasso


    has anyone heard of jack carter and his programs? any good?


  2. arain1234


    I am looking for information about this software (Trend Point software) also. There is no negative or positive information on the net about this guy. Do you think that is a positive indicator?:confused:
  3. raulcasso



    i have had no luck in obtaining feedback on this program. i think several things: the seller promises a no brainer, win-easy program. it sounds like the fabled holy grail to me. it is expensive, and there is little offered by way of communicating with the seller. what he promises is to get rich quick, and puts a deadline by when you must take advantage of the "i'm giving the last chance of a life-time" offer. this looks to me like a con. the suck you in with promises of glory and riches, putting a short fuse, time line on it, and liberate you of your money if you go for it is a grift.

    the program itself is probably set to parameters that can be obtained by common systems out there. remember--there are no secret formulas. noone has the edge on the market.

    the reality is that a good system--and there are many--need perform 50% of the time. money management and risk reward ratios allow math to make up for the rest. a system that promisis riches by way of a system, that even 'a trained monkey could do" is bullshit.

    don't throw your money away buying a "magic" program.