Jack Carter at "TradingProfits.com"?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by El Cazador, May 11, 2001.

  1. Does anyone have experience with Jack Carter's "Tricks of the Trade" course? Thanks
  2. aura0663


    I stumbled onto Jack Carter through an offer on an ebook "The Online Trading Mercenary" for $32.95. I thought that this might be along the lines of the "Market Maker's Edge" by Josh Lukeman. Wrong. The ebook was simply a advertisement for the $800 package. Now, I cannot comment on the course, but I am waiting for a refund of my $32.95
  3. vvv


    US$ 800 for a course... wow

    sounds like he must really be making a lot of money from trading...

    probably just an altruistic person who donates all his extra income to charity...

  4. tjdl


    I paid $1995 for his previously available "Premium Membership". You get 2 big boxes of books and videos. After going thru the entire package, I have to say his stuff is pretty basic, they probably work but you can get the same education elsewhere for free or at very low cost.
    I have been day trading for 6 years but mostly w/ listed stocks and he mostly talks about Nasdaq that's why I ordered.
    There's a lot of good discussions on "EliteTrader", their training course probably covers more ground and it's only $199?
    The man is sincere though--I got my refund w/o delay.