Jack Broz, A Guide to Reading Order Flow

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    do you subscribe to the newsletter???? Do you flw order flow????If so...how do you incorporate that into your simple trading method?
  2. I used to be in Jack's room many moons ago, I consider him a mentor. But eventually we must all wean off the titty and trade on our own feet. I do use order flow with the SPM as everyone should no matter what system they are using, It's never a bad thing to know where the buyers and sellers are
  3. It is interesting, but you cannot make that your whole based trading. Although it is good to have that in your arsenal.:)
  4. Of course not, and he never says it is the be all and end all, but for many traders it is the missing piece of the puzzle
  5. Agreed.
  6. i find that looking at the order book (at least in the YM) is almost useless (for me) or even worse for determining anything.

    simply put, there is way too much fake size, gamesmanship, and algos showing size to have any utility

    i DO pay a huge amount of attention to PRINTS vs. orders that are in the book. those are very useful imo, but i have yet to see any utility (in YM) at looking at the # of orders in the book), except to sneak in limit orders at price levels with small size (getting in ahead of others), but as far as helping predict movement - no utility (for me).

    i *have* found that reading the order book in the Nikkei (specifically the SGXNK contract) is VERY useful. for some reason, it seems to work much better there.

    nothing against broz. i have watched a few of his webinars and he seems to be a good trader with a solid methodology.
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    A very wise old trader once told me that "the markets job is to fill orders". Sure enough when size is offered or bid some levels deep on the DOM, more often than not I see the market turn or drift in that direction to try and fill them.