Jack Bouroudjian says 1000 point rally??

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    He has hyped up this market to no end, everytime an economic number comes out thats bad he turns it around as if its great, one of the biggest permabulls cnbc has and let me tell you how wrong he has beem since the dow has reversed nearly 5000 points ago.

    Good job joe......

    just maybe he will get this one right, but I highly doubt it.

    Dow May Post 1,000 pt Reversal 07 Oct 2008

    The Dow may post a big 1,000 point reversal within the next few days, says Jack Bouroudjian, chairman at Capital Markets Technology. He tells Walter Gerasimowicz, founder & chief investment strategist at Meditron Asset Management, CNBC's Amanda Drury & Sri Jegarajah what could spark this recovery.

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    ...followed by a 1500 points drop.

    The point is, in today's market one day doesn't make a trend...
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    Has Jack forgoten the Shorts have alread had the best part of 4K move..... It seems CNBC only have him on because they need all the bulls they can get. They are fully aware viewship falls in a bear market...

    So a 1K move will not bother them to much
  4. <strike>Jack</strike> Hagop was once one of my closest personal friends. BEFORE he became a tool for the establishment......
  5. Dow should revisit 14,000 next year
  6. Let me guess . . .

    You sit in front of the TV set watching CNBC all day long and posting on ET like the wanna-bee "paper-trader" that you are?

    You watch far too much TV.
  7. Yeah right.
  8. Unless consumer spending and incomes/wages go to shit recoveries will be 'v' shaped, as was the case in the 1990, 1998, 1987, and 2002 bear markets. I know how this works.
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    Dow should revisit 14,000 next year


    Dow may hit 14000 again, but not next year or 2010. Maybe 2011.
  10. When that happens expect the strongest sectors to lead. Stuff like AAPL MA GOOG MOS POT. No way financials, homebuilders, transports will lead the next rally.

    Oil should see 150 soon, too.
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