Jack Attack

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ShoeshineBoy, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. A couple of weeks ago I was reading a few posts of Jack Hershey and he was freakin': lacing his cussing with a little swearing and profanity and trash talking the moderator. A week later I read he was off of ET. Is that why?

    I never could make heads or tails of most of what he said, but I have to admit he gave me one idea which I put into a few automated systems that seems to be doing well (but only time will tell).

    I don't really want to get into another Jack debate, but I'm just curious. Every profession has to have it's Mad Scientist...
  2. you just did.

    True, true.

    TM Trader
  3. Not really: I just was looking for the barebones details as to what happened and why he went AWOL. He was kind of an interesting character, sort of what I picture Jack Nicholson would be like with a half million dollars and a copy of How To Make Money...