Jack and Spyder turn tail and run

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Godspod, Jan 23, 2009.

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    Like thives in the night they have vacated the premises leaving behind a bewildered group of devotees incapable of thinking for themselves.. Tums, Swordsman etc
  2. Yep, they sure did and that's complete bullshit. Even Jim Jones had courtesy to give his followers the Kool-Aid before calling it quits.
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    as usual spydertrader had bad timing. He left just before we were to send out a "CARE" package of clothes, shoes, ties etc. Only he could go to New York city to attend a get together that offered free cheese and crackers and a Mountain DEW (formally known as hillbilly piss). Spydertrader had no clue "FLIP FLOPS" were not proper attire outside of Toledo. Well he still can watch beater grocery getters go round and round all weekend with a bag of corn chips and some cheap beer.

    Both those clowns lived off girlfriends and tried to peddle their rubbish to new fools.
  4. Had Jack and spydie been as successful as they claimed, they would have been rock stars and their departure would have been covered by the WSJ, IBD, Barron's, CNBC, Bloomberg, etc. Their trading records and contributions would have been covered in detail... things like how they prospered during this market, how many millionaires they trained, charities and foundations they created and supported, etc. There would have been endless heartfelt testimonials from traders here with facts, not fluff. There would have been a huge ET-wide party for them. And on and on.

    Instead they abruptly left without fanfare. There were a few zero-content superlatives posted. No press coverage and no ET-wide party. Idiotic refinement is a ghost town. And Tums continues to try to censor posts that don't reflect favorably on Jack and his "methods."

    Fantasy vs realiity.
  5. It was the middle of frigg'in winter ... he wasn't wearing flip-flops.

    That's how rumors get started, ya know! :p :D
  6. Wow, some people get no respect. :D
  7. Here's what this wimp had to say when I challanged him to post his blotter vs. mine via PM

    "You are a hoot mandeltroll. You've shown me I have the upper hand on you by pm'ming me your little tantrum. Since it isn't completely obvious to you by now, I guess I have to spell it out for you. Any sort of real blotter/account verification process, to truly be taken seriously, would involve me divulging personal info about myself that I do not want you or anyone else knowing. A superficial blotter posting on ET will just have you (and your cult) whining that I use photoshop or some other scam and to be honest, I'd be an absolute fool to waste time on a troll like you... other than pointing out the fairly obvious stuff like you are a quitter and are obsessed with a man named Hershey (good GOD, look at the # of posts you have about that nut!).

    But, thank you again, for showing me how easily I can affect a stranger on the internet. I'll be sure to expect a response from you as guys like you have zero will power. Come on, surprise me troll and don't respond. Be a man for once in your life."

    That's what you get from a trading technique which promises 3x the ATR (aka the Hershey Special) ... you become too chickenshit to Walk Your Talk.
  8. Hey R. Ratshit: how did Jack's "teachings" work out for you? ROTFLMAO!!!!!!
  9. They worked out real well ... he learned how to turn tail and run too! :p :D