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    I use J-trader through E-local and I was wondering if anybody knows a way for the P&L on the right hand bottom of the Dome screen to be disabled???

    I contacted Elocal directly but they did not know :confused:

    If anybody knows a way can you please let me know... I hate seeing my P&L intraday...

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Do you use DOM (Level 2) ? I find Level 2 is very misleading with futures markets.
    Makes me nervous, when big boys show their ASK 1000 Contracts - only to withdraw them 2 seconds later. :mad:
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    Commisso: “I was wondering if anybody knows a way for the P&L on the right hand bottom of the Dome screen to be disabled?”

    It sounds as though you are referring to a feature that I’ve not seen in DOM but, just in case you are looking at the Net Position displayed on the P.I.G portion of DOM, this can be closed by clicking the upper left arrow.
  4. I am currently looking for an emini broker and have come across MAN Financial. they use MTrade which is their co-brand of the PATS jtraders system accdg to the broker. I tired to load demo and got a java.lang exception error. I downloaded MS Explorer version 6 and the latest Java VM for Windows 2000. Any suggestions on how I can overcome this issue. I remember getting the same error when I tried to demo the system of netfutures.com which I guess is also the same product .

    Thanks in advance.
  5. I was getting a similar error when I first started with JTrader. My broker helped me fix it but I don't remember for sure what we did. Do you have any other versions of Java on your computer?

  6. I don't know I guess I have to call their tech help. By the way where how has your experience been with PATS Jtrader ?
  7. I've had a great experience. It's easy to use and the fills are great! However most of my trades are done using Auto Xecutor not JTrader.

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    Clear out your account number at the bottom of the DOME screen.
    You'll have to put your number back in to trade though.
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    Try going to Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel then remove anything that says Java 2 or Java 2 Runtime Environment Standard Edition. Then go back and log into the Demo.

  10. Thanks for your suggestion. It works now!!
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