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  1. How do people find this platform? Is it fast & reliable? TIA
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    I like it. Definitely fast. It’s quite flexible in terms of customization. I just put up a Status window and a DOM screen along with some function key settings and I am set to go.

  3. This is a plateform that most brokers offer, and they
    all offer it for one reason
  4. finish the sentance....:)
  5. Because it is fast and reliable, otherwise not every broker
    would offer it. Are you happy now?
  6. I traded on J-Trader until I switched to forex. It is fairly stable and the depth of market feature is nice. However, be aware that the platform is reset every day after the NY Stock market close and it will not carry over orders to the next day. Also the P/L calculations are for the day and not from when you opened the position (if you hold it overnite). I switched from trading currency futures on J-Trader to forex because I didn't like the risk that I took when the J-trader platform was down for an hour each day but the forex market was still trading. If you day trade or trade pit traded contracts this may not be a problem for you.
  7. All of Globex was down. It wasn't due to any problem with Jtrader.
  8. Hopefully the connection is not as faulty as the grammar.
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    I did my first trades ever with J-Trader today (in my new IB backup account). Admittingly I don't have a experts handle on it, but IMO that DOM feature is so much better than anything on the standard TWS. Also a tad quicker than IB's connection as well.
  10. Thank you for reminding me of another reason that I stopped trading on Globex.
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