J-Trader, X-Trader and TWS

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  1. Is any of you familiar with all these tree Futures Trading Platforms? I currently trade ES and use J-Trader. It's fast and reliable, but not very customizable. For example, I'd like to have hot keys to sell and buy contracts at market. Do you know if I could do that with X-Trader and TWS?
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    I use J-trader and you can set hot keys with it, call your B/D tech support people. I go through RCG and they had me up and using hot keys in 10 minutes max.

  3. I already have Hot Keys for Stop Limit orders. It seems that it is all I can have!
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    Yes, IB has hotkeys that you can set on the fly.
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    RE> I'd like to have hot keys to sell and buy contracts at market.

    I have both sell/buy at the market set up in J-Trader, it's possible I also can set my stop limits both B&S on hot keys as well,...so...it's possible I use them every day.

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  7. TWS provides an order entry API and there are multiple custom front-ends are available. or you could roll your own ...
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    I use Cold Key for excution
    Hot key is too hot
    Cold key helps to cool down
    Sometimes I use a hammer for faster excution...
  9. You need to ask your broker to get PIG (Price Injector Gun) for the J-trader platform. This will cost your broker more money, but it is a valuable feature that PAT systems offers the FCM's and Introducing brokers to offer their high end clients.

    Michael B.
  10. TWS COMBINED with any of several API frontends becomes a very powerful trading platform...... wipes out jtrader.... do not know about x.trader but it do not cost $650/month like xtrader.
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