J-Trader vs X_Trader

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  1. Greetings,

    I've noticed the J-trader v TWS thread.

    What I really want to know is how does J-Trader stack up to X_Trader. I'm not concerned with a cost/benefit analysis. Price doesn't matter. I'm interested strictly in functionality.

    My impression is that X_Trader wins in functionality and ease and speed of use. But I don't know this for sure.

    My ideal respondent is someone who's traded on both platforms, been in the business for several years, size scalper and key board oriented.

    Dr. Zhivodka
  2. I'm subscribing to this thread because I'm interested in the difference in functionality as well.
  3. promise not to flame....

    Michael B.
  4. Reaper


    horse vs car

    birdy vs jet

    slow vs fast

    not so reliable vs reliable
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  6. Uh...thanks.

    Care to expand on that a bit?

    Dr. Zhivodka
  7. Doctor,

    If I may interject, my interpretation of this follows:

    horse vs car
    Horses generally can travel at about an average speed of
    10mph compared to a car which if you have a hugo about 60mph.

    birdy vs jet
    A crow can fly about 50mph were a jet can go 800 mph.

    slow vs fast
    These are english words to define speed.

    not so reliable vs reliable
    Perhaps this might explain a womans period when shes dating.

    Hope this helps....

    Michael B.

  8. bone


    Trading Technologies: pompous jerks who don't return phone calls and come off like Paris Hilton in the Ozark Mountains. Can't stand to deal with them. But I have been writing them checks for six years. Unfortunately, there isn't a product that compares. Damn.
  9. Paris Hilton in the Ozark Mountains


    Michael B.
  10. Funny, every time I call Adam Linn in Chicago (Sr. Sales Manager) I get a call within an hour or two latest....he even flew out to our office in Vegas to meet with me and one client we were talking to just to help us....I've never had that kind of customer support from any platform (equity or futures). I've also traded on J-Trader and X-Trader side by side...X-Trader is flat out faster, more robust, reliable and in every category a much better platform. On price I know this is an issue but if your doing at least 200 - 225 r/t a month, you really should consider X-Trader.

    Just my .02 cents...

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