J-trader vs. X-Trader

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    Why is X-Trader a better software platform than J-trader.

    I believe I already know the answer to the question, but I believe this information will be informative to the forum.

    Any input is welcome.
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    Could you give your initial thoughts about two platforms, since you already have compared two platforms?



    J-trader is Java Based and therefore introduces delay during execution. In my opinion, Jtrader is not suitable if you are scalping a fast market. Xtrader is a C++ program which reduces code processing times.

    In general microprocessors have to disassemble all programming down to machine language I.E. 0's and 1's. The less processing the CPU has to do in order to process instructions results in faster software. In this case Java based programs require more processing than C++ programs.

    Hope this helps. If anyone cares to add more to this explanation please do.

  4. I have tried two different version of J-trader, and i say
    why don't you try standalone (downloadable version) which
    is not webbased (java version), and it is much faster than
    java version, because files are sitting in your PC with
    standalone, and works fine with slower PCs too.

    Patsystem and brokers are still supporting standalone
    version, but if you don't ask for it, you will be given Java
    version by default. I don't understand the reason.

    I have no experiance with X-trader.
  5. If anyone trading on J-Trader wants to compare it to TT let me know(PM me) and I can set you up on our simulator.



    I did not know J-trader is offered as a standalone. Do you use it for scalping? What is the cost of the standalone product.
  7. Most guys who had complain here earlier, been using
    J-trader Java version, because it is given to you by default
    from your broker, if you don't specificaly demand standalone version.

    I have just moved from stock trading to futures, and my
    volume isn't much, and intend to use X-trader if i can up
    my volume depand my strategy works consistantly.

    Yes, the cost is same, either $525 per monthe or 0.50$ per side
    per contract. I have noticed most brokers like you to pay monthly
    rental, because it's their benefit with small traders, but i refused
    and paying per side, so no more pressure to overtrade justifiying
    cost for me:D

    If you are purly scalper and doing over 500 round turns in a month, go for X-trader.
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    Would be nice of XTrader had a transaction model...
    Does anyone know if TT is headed in this direction?
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    The J-Trader web and standalone are about the same and both are Java. There should be virtually no difference and yes i've been on both.

    Right now I'm on X_Trader however, having quite heavy lag in the depth of market. Need yet to figure out where the issues are.
    I like the overall handling of X_Trader better and the Autospreader and API on the pro version are great assets
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    definitely request jtrader standalone. I've been using it for years and it's heads above the java version. I've used xtrader and the main thing I liked about it was it was very stable compared to jtrader which will occasionally lose it's price feed for some reason which never happened with xtrader. Once I decided dax trading wasn't worth my time I dropped xtrader because my style on es doesn't warrant the type of volume to justify the platform fee for xtrader. xtrader would probably be a requirement for a scalper.
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