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  1. Lets put commission costs aside for the moment . Does anyone know which software executes futures emini trades faster?? TWS has hot keys to speed the order execution process.Does j-trader have any unique features to aid speed and ease of order entry??
  2. I use both every day.

    With JTRADER I use DOME and I unchecked the verification, so I just use my mouse to point a price and a limit is directly put. If I click on this price again , the order is cancelled....

    It is really quick...

    With TWS I use hotkeys, so I have to type on 2 hotkeys (order and transmit) to be executed. OF course I would like to have special hotkeys (like market order with transmit included) so I can type only on one key and I am in...OR Better than that a hotkey that would say NQ June instrument, sell limit at bid and transmit ALL IN ONE key...

    In the mean time I do think my DOME trading is faster than TWS hotkeys because I click once and I am in...TWS is a 2 step process
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    How do you uncheck the verification? I have set up some hotkeys in J-Trader, but I still have to verify my orders and would like to eliminate that step.
  4. In settings, Trading :

    Confirm Mouse Position

    Adding : None

    That would eliminate the confirmation requested when you want to take a position.

    I use JTRADER standalone version and you ???
    (standalone are faster than web based)
  5. It seems that most brokers don´t want you to use the faster version. :D
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    Thanks GeorgeSoros

    I have two separate accounts, one uses and the other uses I hate to show my computer ignorance, but I don't know if it is standalone or web based. How do I tell the difference?
  7. What I call standalone is when you click on your desktop icon and you can login on JTRADER.

    What I call webbased is : you need to go on a website and click on a link that will launch your JTRADER.

    1st one is faster. I have JTRADER and standalone.

    2nd one is slower. I have JTRADER and web based too....

    Can you use PIG in DOME with your JTRADER ???
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    I have to log in from a website, so I guess I don't have the stand alone version. To my knowledge I don't have PIG in the Dome area. I don't use the dome feature much, so I am not that familiar with it. I enter most of my orders from the hot keys or from the hot quotes window by either clicking on the bid, bid volume, offer, or offer volume.
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    If you are looking for the software version (stand alone) I can give it to you.


    Do you have PIG?

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    Craig, thanks for the offer, I am happy with what I have for now. If things change, I will contact you.
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