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  1. Other than cosmetic GUI interfaces like buttons, windows, etc. What advantage does TT have over JTrader or vice versa. Thanks
  2. A lot of my traders use it because it reduces slippage on market orders of size, a couple actually love using those control paddles that are similar to the Playstation 2 game controller. I do not know if J-trader allows for this but I do know that they work with both GL and X_Trader. Also, X_Trader uses a VPN which will provide better security.

    Hope this helps.

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    Do VPN provide faster connection over DSL or Cable Modem ?
  4. The answer would be yes but, VPN's do not work over Dynamic Ip's and in the event that you are unbable to aquire buisness DSL or cable service you will not be able to be set up the VPN. If somebody is trying to get you set up w/o the VPN on X_Trader I wouldn't do it, to many things can go wrong and remember all that it will take is once.

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    compisnada2002..........I have used TT for a while, I am not sure what you are referring to when you say "paddles". Like a joystick? Also to help answer the question of the thread, I like the autorecenter on TT as opposed to constantly having to hit the recenter button to c the best bid/ask. But TT is expensive. Actually to the point where if you are going to trade multiple exchanges...........too expensive...........imo.
  6. I agree and I try to make sure that each trader is dealt with on a case to case basis, and the big guys careless about costs they just want the best or we cover the expense if they do enough volume. That auto-recenter is nice and I forgot about that, thanks.

    As for the paddles, yes they are like joysticks and they resemble the Playstation 2 controllers with a couple more options. If you were to visit the CME you would see a lot of people using them. I actually have a bunch here.


  7. TT has that "let's overprice our product because our main customers are institutional clients who could care less what they pay as long as they get the perceived 'best of breed' software" feel.

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    If you're a scalper in a fast market - in and out like a mechanic... TT is the absolute best. You'll get at least one extra tick out of it a day. The Market Depth feature and one-click order entry/delete is supreme. The owner is a great scalper, and his product shows it.

    That being said, they are a pompous bunch and I can't wait for somebody else to knock them off their perch. I've been waiting for several months to demo GL Trade's spread trading front-end. Still waiting. Everybody says they have something to compete with TT, and I just haven't seen the rubber meet the road AT THIS POINT IN TIME.

    Been using TT for five years with a T-Line. Awesome. Expensive. Waiting to trade in the Mercedes for a Lexus.

    I'll get PM'd by a dozen software vendors, and I'll look at your products at the trade shows. But I haven't been convinced to chnage over yet. But, I have an open mind.
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    just curious bone, how are they pompous

    I have to say that I've had some problems with them over the years like anyone in electronic trading, but if anything I feel they have some fairly solid people-
    return my phone calls, listen to my suggestions for product improvement (or at least feign interest)- in the ISV world they seem to be on top of their game

    I have been using their autospreader since last year on Eurex and I still havent seen anything quite like it- some similar like Ecco, but still not enough there to make me switch
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    Don't confuse the term "pompous" with any connotation of less-than-satisfactory performance. For example, many people believe that Barbara Streisand is a great singer, but has a pompous personality. She acts and wants to be treated like royalty.
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