j-trader vs ib's tws vs x-trader

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bladerunner, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. which would you choose and why for trading futures?
  2. Momento


    not in the list...
    but definitely try
    FFastTrade when it comes to futures.

    cheaper... much cheaper if you are a big ticket writer.
  3. Woody


    I can't comment on X-trader because I have never used it. But between J-Trader and TWS I would go with TWS. I like TWS better for three primary reasons:

    1. The hot-keys are much more versatile in TWS. You can set up hot keys for just about everything.

    2. OCA orders. I absolutely love this feature. Once you are in a trade you can set your target order and your stop order, and once one of the orders is filled, the other is canceled. You can also set up bracket orders in TWS if you prefer.

    3. TWS is much better for setting up multiple orders. The orders are all visible on individual lines on the platform. In J-trader, each time you open a trade ticket it opens in a different window. Keeping track of orders and order modification is much easier and quicker in TWS.