J-trader versus TWS

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  1. I made bold your attempt to advertise for them(see below)....your probably another one of the losers that work there.

    It is an attempt by many of the losers that come and go at these third world boiler room operations.......to scam more clients...what say you bufferman?

    Hmmmm let me search your 10 posts and see what your doing here.

    Michael B.

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    12-12-03 06:57 PM

    hey Michael,

    GFTEC offers free J-trader and they can beat IB rates anyday.
    I am actually thinking of going with them but when I tried the Jtrader demo, it seemed slower to me than the TWS.

    As for X-trader, you need to have a minimum of $25k in your account, and it costs $650 (for one exchange). Out of my league for now.

    all the best,
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  2. I did not advertise for them. Here is what you said:

    This is tough. All those nifty front ends for TWS. But the waterfall in Jtrader is included with it, without an extra front-end. Also the nanosecond snapshot feed in TWS seems different than a realtime streaming feed.

    I say J-Trader. especially if you can get it free of monthly fee and a highly competitve broker that preferably self-clears and able to keep up with IB's rates.

    Michael B.

    In response to that I said that GFTEC provides free JTrader, and you got all over me. I dont work for them, and I havn't opened an account with them yet. For all I care the moderator can delete these posts. However, seeing that I have 2 friends who are their very happy customers and then you tell me they're a scam.

    When I ask you why. The best you can come up with is that they give different rates to people who bargain differently.
    A scam would be, if you sent them trading funds and they said they never recieved them. Or you made $1000/day and they said you only made $500.

    If you're only reason of disliking them is bcuz they dont have as good looking website as advancedtrading or ffasttrading then I would tell you get over yourself. Not all things that look good actually provide good service.

    thank you for your advice,
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  3. Bufferman,

    My statements stand.

    I have used J-Trader
    I have used TWS
    I have been a customer of IB
    I have demo'ed Buttontrader
    I have been a customer of GFTEC

    Websites.....who mentioned them?....Do you think I would try to help you in this public forum with just a glance at their websites?

    I know what I am talking about...take it or leave it...you will see. Come back here after you discover what I am trying to help you with. YOU CAN DO MUCH BETTER.

    I know of several ......but I am not going to violate Elite Trader rules and advertise URL's....its easy to find a better deal out there.

    I am not full of myself....and excuse me if I am coming off that way...Prove me wrong ok....go for it...its your money.

    Michael B.

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    Less than $4.80 RT all inclusive with no monthly fee on Jtrader....you better call them up and get your commisions lowered...


    Michael B.
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  5. paradox


    What account size and volume do you need to get Interactive Broker rates at Global Futures on their retail account (<20000) ?

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  6. I have used Global and I thought they were pretty good. I thought they have good support, great margins and good commisions. But like everything, try it for yourself. I admit that there are lots of boiler rooms, but I don't think Global is one of them.
    -I do not work for them, just stating my experience.
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  7. michael, you don't have to post any public url's you can always pm me any links that you think will provide good rates and margins. i never said i am not open to suggestions.
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  8. And what commish did YOU get.......let the others see.......

    Michael B.

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  9. It was awhile ago. Around $6 RT. I'm not on a hero's quest to validate them. I'm just telling you my experience. I also think J Trader works pretty good. I've had no delay's myself. But as the saying goes "one mans trash is another man's treasure." So always take it with a grain of salt.
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  10. i have both a tws account (IB) and a jtrader account.(GHCO). they are both good but when i am traveling and can only get 56k dial up......tws is the only choice.... jtrader is too flaky on 56k. something to consider
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