J-trader versus TWS

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  1. So would you prefer J-trader or TWS when presented with both?
    I was checking out J-trader and it looks really slow.

    Any comments? feedback?
  2. This is tough. All those nifty front ends for TWS. But the waterfall in Jtrader is included with it, without an extra front-end. Also the nanosecond snapshot feed in TWS seems different than a realtime streaming feed.

    I say J-Trader. especially if you can get it free of monthly fee and a highly competitve broker that preferably self-clears and able to keep up with IB's rates.

    Michael B.

  3. I know this thread is not about Xtrader. But I understand this is the most widely used platform amongst Futures traders.

    Does Xtrader have a waterfall ladder type of order entry option?

    Michael B.
  4. hey Michael,

    GFTEC offers free J-trader and they can beat IB rates anyday.
    I am actually thinking of going with them but when I tried the Jtrader demo, it seemed slower to me than the TWS.

    As for X-trader, you need to have a minimum of $25k in your account, and it costs $650 (for one exchange). Out of my league for now.

    all the best,
  5. Pabst


    I've traded with them both simultaneously on the same PC. J-Trader is faster. Not by eons, but noticeably. A very split fraction of a second.
  6. GFTEC is a third world opportunistic scam artist. In my humble opinion their days are numbered. Just ask one of there boiler room AP's.

    Test this.....call them up and tell them your volume and get a commission quote.

    Then wait a week and call up again this time talking to another person with the same volume you talked about last week....but use another name. ....but push a little harder...you will get another quote.

    This type of practice is always within a company that has a short-sighted management team. Their ability to keep up with a changing market and lead the market with commission rates is dictated by how hungry the person is from both sides. (you and them)

    For me a company that has the courage to publish their rates and volume requirements on their website is better to do business with.

    Michael B.

  7. getting different commission rates doesn't mean they are a scam.
    Do you knwo anyone who has been scammed out by them?
    I have 2 friends who are their clients for more than an year and are very happy with the service.
  8. Yes I do.....

    How would you feel if the guy next to you trading the same amount as you got a better rate because he had a bigger mouth.

    What would you like me to do spell his name out here? I know what I am talking about.

    I challenge you to do what I said.....Call one week apart with 2 different names.....find out for yourself. Tell them your with IB then tell the your with Advanced Futures....for example.

    If you think that is a good long term business model then go for it...Traders talk to each and try to help one another. I have been in this a long time and I am not here to bash GFTEC....Just firms like them!!!!

    Michael B.

  9. I understand what you are trying to say but if you are good at bargaining you dont have to make 2 calls you can get a good rate just in one call. i believe that's how most business is done. i know a lot more brokerages that dont post their commissions and ask the customer to call in so they can beat what they're currently paying.

    my friend, wake up to the competitive capitalist society.
    i hardly think this can be called a scam.

    if you are paying more commission than someone else trading the same volume with them, then call them and tell them about it. if they dont give you the same rate then tell them you'll cancel the account and see how they dont.
  10. What is it you do not understand?....I only suggested that you make 2 calls to prove a point to yourself.....I do not find it necessary to discuss this with you.

    Apparantly, your not being truthful in your original post. You have ALREADY made your decision to go with these scamsters.

    I find that competitive bidding and truthful disclosure to be paramount in a capitalistic society which I was born in and prefer.

    I wish you all the luck in your trading career and please disregard my warning to you. Just a wise bit of advice.....there are so many choices and you can find J-trader anywhere nearly.

    Michael B.

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