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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by m_c_a98, Jan 25, 2002.

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    Do you get charged a $459 quarterly fee for patsystem J-Trader like I just did?
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    London, Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Patsystems Plc, the
    unprofitable U.K. maker of derivatives-trading software with 31
    clients, said it wants existing customers to pay more as the
    company seeks to stem losses. Its shares fell 9.1 percent.
    The company, whose loss widened in the three months ended
    Sept. 30, also said it will spend about 1.1 million pounds ($1.6
    million) redesigning its technology to expand its range.
    Patsystems, which has lost about 90 percent of the 138
    million pounds in market value it had when it first sold shares in
    March 2000, began a review of operations last year after it said
    annual profit would lag forecasts. The company has sold its
    products too cheaply and paid salespeople too much, Chief
    Executive Officer David Jones said in an interview.
    ``The previous management was trying to sell the product
    anywhere and to anyone,'' Jones said. ``We've now got a more
    accurate view of our market.''
    Shares in Patsystems, which plunged 90 percent in 2001,
    dropped 1 penny to 10p.

  4. Should be interesting to see how they get out of that mess. Especially with all the direct access brokers coming on stream for SSF's. Gonna be alot of platforms out there for free.
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    Who is your clearing firm(ie.Refco, Gni, etc.)?

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    REFCO. So far no usage fee but it wouldn't suprise me if it is were in the works.
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    What brokerage are you with?
    I just spoke with someone at Global Futures who told me
    that there was no extra charge for use of J-Trader, at least
    with them.