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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by destined, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. destined


    do any of you experience problems using stop or limit orders?
  2. JayS


    No, what problems are you having?
  3. destined


    stop orders are being rejected. limit orders take a few minutes to get filled after price is hit. i have emailed tech support about this. i was just wondering if these orders actually work for others.
  4. JayS


    What firm are you with? Hows your conection, are you using the windows or browser based version, etc....

    When my limit & stop limits become marketable I get split second fills (faster than I can blink).
  5. destined


    i use global futures, my connection is fantastic. i guess i use the browser version, i didn't know i had a choice.

    i feel better knowing these orders are working for someone.

  6. Destined,

    I will start trading with Global on Friday.. I will let you know if I experience any problems.

    You do have an option.. whether to use the standalone or using the Java Client I believe its called.

    With the standalone the software is stored on your machine..

    The other you are just connecting to the website and accessing the program from there..

    I'm not sure whats more advantageous.. Tech Support set me up with the Java client..

    Good Luck,
  7. Destined,

    I am having problems with the stop orders too..

    but I was told this is due to the Globex doesn't accept stop orders.. you have to use stoplimit I believe instead of stop..

    Also, on the getting fills.. the software may be working fine..

    what I understand about Globex is the orders go into a queue in the order they are received..

    so lets say you put in a sell stop at 898.00.. you see the market hit 898.00 .. but in the queue they may have 20 others orders at 898.00 in front of you.. so you may not get filled right away.. and if the market heads in the other direction.. you may not get filled..

    Correct me if I'm wrong here please.

  8. I use stop orders with J-trader on the Globex all the time.
    Listed as "Stop#" in the menu.

    I'll take a stab at this...
    please correct me if i'm wrong:

    The Globex has only two kinds of orders: Market and Limit.
    When you place a stop order in J-Trader, it is termed a "synthetic" order which resides only on your computer while
    you are logged in. When your stop is hit, J-trader sends a
    market order to the Globex.
  9. opm8


    yep, orders ending in "#" reside on your local computer. The others are on the Globex servers.

  10. PF and opm8.. yall are absolutely correct now that yall mentioned those points..

    you are to use stop# in the J-trader.. any order type that has a # at the end of it .. doesn't go into the queue.. therefore they can be accepted by J-trader.. and since globex doesn't allow stop orders this is the way to go..

    Good Luck,

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