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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by 2ticks, Jul 10, 2006.

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    Just opened an account clearing through RCG. After demoing the RCG Onyx (or otherwise rebranded) platform decided to use the RCG provided J-Trader... JT v5.27, java v1.42.03

    1) Reports don't work at all! No choices in the report type dropdown. I made trades today and tried to get a report before the close of the day session. No reports. Had to export fill details, one trade at a time! This is a big problem.

    2) Price tick popup consistently pops up on second monitor regardless of parent window placement. Tweaking Nvidia driver window settings does not correct the problem.

    Thanks for any assist
  2. J trader is outdated junk. Consider calling Rich at ProActive Futures with Dorman/Zen Fire. I use them and they are pretty damn good. It is the fastest for futures tied with X Trader. Stick with J Trader and you will get smoked. Warning sometimes the reports in Ninja Trader don't report correctly either. Good Luck.

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    What's the per trade fee for Dorman? My current is 3.90 RT all-in, no per trade fee, no platform fee. I'm understanding the no platform fee at this point. :eek: