J-Trader. . . . Now TURBO TRADER

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by healthynfit, May 14, 2008.

  1. I was using J-Trader, but experienced delays and slow fills. I switched to Turbo Trader II and have experienced fast fills and no delays.
    Completely happy . . . but would like to make order box smaller and increase font size . . . but besides these little things - I love it.
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    who is turbo traderII thru?
  3. Jaba122


    TurboTrader is a White-Labeled RCG Onyx 2, Rosenthal Collins Group, TT2 is offered by GLobal Futures
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    What do you trade with Turbo Trader II?

    Is it better than Ninja Trader in your opinion?
  5. I used J-Trader back in the day, and I think Turbo Trader 2 is the same thing and a pretty good platform. That is what I use now.

    I just find it difficult to change lot size qiuckly in fast moving markets. had the same problem with Nija tradrer as well.

    Nothing beats X-trader though, I used it for about 6 months and absolutlly loved it. it's just too expensive for me right now.
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    odd. we used x-trader but had nothing but trouble. its a dog in my opinion and only has a reputation because of all the sales & marketing tt spend. perople are easily duped. viva propaganda/crowd mentality

    we switched to j-trader through calyon-fin (now newedge) and never looked back. simple. easy. fast, but more importantly for us, RELIABLE. later we upgraded to pro-mark - also from pats. few more bells & whistles and updated version of j-trader. the auto spreader is pretty neat. way better than the random fills x-trader gave us. were currently looking at the excel integration tool.....