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  1. andy4444


    I'm looking for the broker that offers the best commissions using the J-Trader platform. Any tips?

    Would be great if you could also write what comissions they are charging you!


  2. Check out Advanced futures, They can offer very compatitive
  3. J-Trader - $525/mth


  4. With J-trader, you can have option of paying $0.50 per side, which perfectly suits small traders.

    As example:
    250 Round turns x $0.50 per side= 250$ only

    With X-trader there is not "$0.50 per side" option, so
    will be little costly for low volume traders.
    X-trader $650+ $250 Extra Exchange= $900 plateform/monthe
    $900 / 250 Round Turns = $1.80 per Side

    My Advice to Newbies: IF you aren't doing at least 300
    Round turn a monthe, you don't need X-trader.
  5. With "Refco PRO" you pay $0.25 per side and get a very reliable platform.

    Or have a look at "Transact Futures" and do the math for 250 rt/month.
  6. KeyWest

    KeyWest Velocity Futures