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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by kserra, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. kserra


    Anyone here use J-trader, I have been using it to simulate my orders recently before going live and using the platform, however I am having trouble cancelling orders that have been sent and I no longer want to use, as a result I have been getting filled when I do not want to. I get an error saying that only working orders can be cancelled and then i end up getting filled on old or outdated orders, anyone else have this problem or know how i can fix it ?

  2. T-REX


    Not too much you can do about it. J-trader / PATS SYSTEM is a software program that has MANY GLITCHES!!!!
    The above statement is the least of your problems!
    Often the J-trader will disconnect itself from GLOBEX and will cease to give or get realtime data. I like PFG BEST DIRECT in opinion it is the best platform I have ever used!!!

    NOTE: I do not work for nor am I a spokesperson for them nor am I a vendor of the above mentioned company.
    I am not affiliated with any member firm or organization.

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  3. kserra


    So this is a real documented problem that you cannot change orders once they have been entered ?

    This seems completely ridiculous to me, why would anyone use this platform with errors like this, the mistaken fills would kill you. Please someone tell me im just doing something wrong or that it is just an error of the simulator I am using, it just doeesn't make sense that you cannot cancel old orders.
  4. You can cancel any order that hasnt been filled...on the Status tab there is a working order field...Orders there are not yet filled and are working and can be pulled with a click, or adjusted by clicking on them. When you want to change an order, is it still in the working field? Also, what order types are you using? Limits? Stops? More info would help the Jtrader users here answer you better......
  5. tango29


    can't cancel is when it fills before I cancel. As in I waited to long to cancel. Not the platforms fault you waited till it hit the price to cancel. Also different brokers have different connections which is why you are probably having connect problems. The 1st broker I used with it was terrible! Then another I met explained this to me and said to give them a try, which I did. Have had no connection problems since then. Also the commission is .08 cents more than IB, and they answer the phone when theres a problem, like when we had those spikes because the firms wanted to see what they could get away with(just a little editorial comment).
  6. Also, not sure of this, but your Simulator price feed might be delayed, don't know who you're with, but since its just a sim, maybe that is causing you to think you have time to cancel an order but it is already being filled/pending fill because of some small simfeed delay...

    On a reliability note: I can't remember the last day I lost my connection to Jtrader...for me its very reliable, maybe 2 times in the last year where I've had problems.
  7. kserra


    Thanks for the help everyone, something weird happened earlier where my esignal froze up and i think it caused the orders not to be cancelled when i thought i was trying to cancel them, thus resulting in some confusion on my part.
  8. BTW, what happened to the JTrader "lost trade" issue (one week ago) ?