J-Trader 7.1 with Charting

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  1. As you aready probably know the latest version of J-Trader the 7.1, has trailing stop, braket orders and charting included.


    I do trade with Global Futures, they still give me the 6.6 version.
    At first they told me it is the last one, then when I told that a much newer version exists they told they are planning to offer it very soon...

    Do anyone of you have a broker that offer this new version?
    If yes what do you think about the platform?

    good trading

  2. :D
  3. The Dom is static or dynamic?
  4. I don't know, never had the chance even to try a simulator of the new version.
  5. I don't think no one is using J-Trader....
    is there anyone really trading here?

  6. rcj


    We is here, bro. Im crashing till 10am. Wait till morning(USA)
    and maybe some people will respond. Good luck.


    Edit: Never used J Trader but im always interested in DOMs.
  7. :cool:
  8. frankl


    For charting, you can use your J-Trader side by side with J-Charter, that does the charting part.

  9. tks frankl I didn't know of this software.
    Are you using it? What's the licence price?

    I'm using MultiCharts, that is really a great charting software but it needs a datafeed, I'm using esignal but they're really too expensive, tried today opentick.com (free datafeed) but it is not very reliable at all, I think I'll use IQFedd.

    Anyway I'll consider this software.
    tks again

  10. frankl


    The software is free to use - at the moment !
    They are still in BETA test. Had some small bugs yet, but as long as it is free... :D
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