J-Trader $4.80 Round Turn

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by MarkHyman, Nov 3, 2003.

  1. MarkHyman

    MarkHyman Advanced Futures

    Advanced Futures would like to offer The J-trader
    to Elite Traders for $4.80 Flat Round Turn.
    Includes all Exchange and NFA fees.
    This offer will be made thru our clearing firm
    of Goldenberg, Hehmeyer and Company.

  2. Any minimum amount of trades to get that rate?
    What is the minimum account size to get that?

  3. sammybea


    Are you telling me your company will WAIVE the 600 monthly J-trader fee just for us?? (EliteTraders)

    Otherwise this is a SCAM.
  4. j-trader is not x-trader
  5. MarkHyman

    MarkHyman Advanced Futures

    This offer is for Elite Trader Members only.

    Therefore it will not be on the AF website.

    There will be no volume quotas.

    There will be no monthly fee.

    Minimum Account size will be $6,000.

  6. sammybea


    Wow, I take my statement back then. This really is a great deal.

  7. virgin


    What daytrading margins for E-mini,

    Dax and DJeurostoxx 50 ?
  8. virgin


    Does Goldenberg offer the web based

    J-trader possibility also ?
  9. virgin


    And what are fees for Dax ,Eurostoxx 50 and Bund ?
  10. MarkHyman

    MarkHyman Advanced Futures

    The mini S&P is 1425
    The mini nd is 900
    Fdax is 4500 EC
    FESX (DJeurostoxx) is 1250
    These rae all the intra day margins for day trades only.

    As far as J-trader, a web based version, At this time we do not have that as an option but early next year hope to offer that as an option.
    #10     Nov 3, 2003