J-Lo can luck my pick any time

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  1. Report: Lopez's wager on Bucs pays out $650K

    ESPN.com news services

    She's a chart-topping singer, oft-imitated dancer, and bankable movie star.

    Whether it's singing, acting, or wagering on the Super Bowl, Jennifer Lopez is a sure bet.

    She is engaged to A-list movie star Ben Affleck.

    So why wouldn't Jennifer Lopez have a golden touch when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl?

    According to the Las Vegas Sun, J-Lo placed a six-figure wager on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the MGM Grand on Sunday -- and won.

    Citing numerous sources, the newspaper reported that Lopez put $250,000 down on Tampa Bay to win Super Bowl XXXVII and took the money line at plus-160. That means she won $400,000 -- and also got her original investment back.

    A senior MGM Grand executive, speaking on the condition of anonymity, confirmed for the Sun that Lopez placed a winning six-figure wager. It was not known if Affleck made any wagers of his own.

    Lopez and Affleck blow into Vegas regularly, according to the Sun. Most recently, the newspaper said, they were in town in early January to pick out a new house, and that Lopez has shown interest in a $2.3 million mansion in Henderson.

    Among her new neighbors would be Chicago White Sox slugger Frank Thomas. And when Anna Kournikova is in town, the newspaper said, she stays with a friend on the same street.

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    I wonder if the Bright bros. live on that street. They can afford it no doubt. :D