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  1. Hi

    I was reading reminices.. of a stock operator, my favorite book..

    Have charts/price actions changed much since 1890..1910-1920?

    Jesse: "Pockets change, but Wall street never changes"... Is that true?

    I think the volatility is probably much higher now, and following trends harder..

    Anyone know of any site/etc where it is possible to se old charts from 1900++

    Stocks,, cotton, etc...

    Thanks for answers,comments..
  2. Wall street has changed a hell of a lot. I use to be able to make a living scalping with a 2000 dollar account.
  3. Wall street has changed but the overall technical analysis Jesse describes in his book How to trade stocks is still the same. It's the only stock book i ever read and i think the greatest foundation for technical analysis ever written.
  4. Old Dow charts in 20 year periods at stockcharts.com

    The market used to alternate between quiet months and months of extreme volatility. The volatility today is nothing at all compared to the volatility from 1900 to 1945.

    Livermore made his fortunes when he was on the right side of that volatility and wiped out when on the wrong sides.
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    If its the only book you ve ever read on TA how would you know if its good or bad?He barely mentions TA in that book and disparages charts.

    Technical analysis by edwards/magee is based on stocks from about 100 yrs ago.It is also the bible of TA.