IZONE trades for $3

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by steinh, Jul 21, 2005.

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    For a $50 annual fee, you can get all of your IZONE trades for $3 each. Just email them and ask how to get started. This is for both existing and new accounts of more than $5000.
  2. I appreciate that info. I was thinking about opening an account with Izone.
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    thanks for the tip:)
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  5. birdman


    what's the best alternate for trading 10k to 20k shares at a time

    have you any info on LowTrades.com:)
  6. GTC


    I found lowtrades to be slow in general. After you have successfully placed your orders, your orders sometimes can get rejected by the system after a while. They will be very prompt to blame it on the user, the exchanges' bad-data, etc. If you catch those missing orders often, they occasionally will accept that their own systems have glitches. Then they will remind you the agreement you have supposedly signed when you opened an account with them even though you have not signed such agreements. Lowtrades has an almost non-existent email support service. You are lucky if you get 1 out of 3 of your short email inquires in a week. One good thing is that they pick up the phone in a reasonable time. The bad thing is that often the first (or the second) customer services representative will not be able to resolve your issues. Their balance and position get updated slowly. Sometimes their execution is fast, sometimes it is slow. They seem to be good for penny stocks. They have no ACH. Their trailing stops feature is not robust at all. They do not offer trailing stops for buy-to-cover orders. I suggest you also read the broker review for SuccessTrade. Their broker comparison page is misleading. Recently they have started allowing some type of orders through QuoteTracker---which amy be a good thing. I think currently they are giving away $2.5/trade for a limited time. So you might want to try them at your own risk.