izone is being absorbed by the parent

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    I got the notice this past week that izone will soon be absorbed. But it will be good for izone clients as they get to keep the $5 commissions and will get streaming quotes free whereas izone has charged a monthly for that.
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    Birdman, Could you cut-and-paste notice? Does it mean Izone's clients will be able to use direct routing just like the regular Ameritrade clients?
  3. Will the account minimums (5000) stay the same or will they go down to 2000?
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    Received February 5th - that's all they sent - hope it helps

    We want to let you know that soon you'll start accessing your account on an improved Web site—the current TD AMERITRADE site. The Izone site you currently use will no longer be available.

    This Spring, you'll be redirected to the TD AMERITRADE site at www.tdameritrade.com. Watch the www.izone.com home page for a message with the exact date of this change.

    You'll continue to pay the same low $5 commission for online trades. But with this switch to www.tdameritrade.com, you'll get even more for that low price. Please note: Your account information, including your UserID and password, will not change.

    What you'll gain

    * Broader client support, including by phone. Your new Client Services phone number will be 800-669-3900.
    * A reduction in certain fees. Please see below for details.
    * A free subscription to streaming tools such as Command Center 2.0, which currently costs Izone clients $9.99 per month.
    * Online tools for generating potential trade ideas, including Minyanville Buzz & Banter™.

    What you should know

    * The $5 commission you currently pay as an Izone client stays the same.
    * There will be no changes to your account information, including your UserID, password, watch lists, and history.
    * We'll let you know the exact date of the change with a message on www.izone.com.
    * You'll start to receive communications from TD AMERITRADE instead of from TD AMERITRADE Izone.
    * Please review the client agreement for www.tdameritrade.com.

    We're here to help

    For an overview of the new site's highlights, please see the illustrated guide. Also, try our online demo for instruction in key tasks. You can also find a link to it on the home page of your current site. You have our continued support and service. If you have any questions, please call, 800-669-3900, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or log on to your account and click "Contact Us" at the bottom of any page to email us.

    Thank you for choosing TD AMERITRADE. We appreciate your business.

    John B. Bunch
    John B. Bunch

    Important information about fees

    There will be no change to most fees for you. Listed below are only those fees that will be changing with the switch to www.tdameritrade.com. To view a complete schedule of pricing and fees, go to www.tdameritrade.com and see the Pricing section (under Client Services).

    Outbound full account transfer no charge (was $50 for Izone)
    Outbound partial account transfer no charge (was $50 for Izone)
    Wires/outgoing no charge (was $25 after the first 2 per mo for Izone)
    Depository Trust Company (DTC) no charge (was $25 per position for Izone)
    DTC rejection $125 (formerly not available for Izone)

    Broker-assisted stock trades (unlimited shares; market or limit orders) $44.99 (was $24.99 for Izone)
    Broker-assisted options trades (market or limit orders) $44.99 + $0.75/contract (was $24.99 + $0.75/contract for Izone)

    Exception fees
    Restricted security processing for non-affiliates $50 (service formerly not available for Izone)
    Restricted security processing for company affiliates and restricted shares requiring special handling $250 (service formerly not available for Izone)
    Returned check/wire $25 (formerly not available for Izone)

    Annual custody fees for non-standard assets
    Non-standard asset $150 (service formerly not available for Izone)
    Unrelated business income tax filing no charge

    Additional fees
    Annual trade summary no charge (no paper for Izone)
    Research (of specific account activity) no charge (was $60/hr for Izone)