Izhmash BK (Kalashnikov manufacturer)

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    Text of report by Gazprom-owned, editorially independent Russian radio station Ekho Moskvy on 21 September

    [Presenter] Russia's largest small arms manufacturer, the Izhevsk Mechanical Works [Izhmash], could be declared bankrupt. It became know today that a corresponding petition has been received by the arbitration court of [the Republic of] Udmurtia from the enterprise.
    Aleksey Gusarov reports.

    [Correspondent] The Izhmash concern, considered to be the pride of the Russian defence industry, could become unprofitable. The arbitration court of Udmurtia will now study the financial documentation of the joint-stock company. If the results of the court examination recognize the bankruptcy petition as justified, the concern's restructure will begin. Bankruptcy proceedings, should they happen, will help Izhmash rid itself of debt burdens. Moreover, experts do not rule out that a new wave of unemployment will sweep over Udmurtia in this case.

    I would like to recall that earlier, production came to a halt at the Molot plant [Vyatskiye Polyany Machine Building Plant Molot] in Kirov Region, a part of the Izhmash concern. This largest Kalashnikov assault rifle manufacturer now stands idle. No state order means no money to pay employees, nor to repay debts to creditors.

    [Presenter] It is expected that Udmurtia's arbitration court will hold a preliminary examination of the Izhmash case on 7 October
    So much for the "global recovery"- No demand for AK's :confused:
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  4. AK's are inaccurate, sloppy pieces of work...but they can operate in the worst of conditions consistently. Alot of the ones out and about the world are made not by Izhmash, but rather local producers who downloaded the CAD design off of the interweb and now machine knock-offs in their mother's kitchen. This BK doesn't mean much. AK markets are local.
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    There is no one to rob, the bankers cleaned up everyone
  6. Recently, in the US, AK prices were on the rise. Ammo was rediculously priced. Not due to economy, but politics.

    So, opinions....762 or 223? Been thinking of getting one.
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    to my knowledge the Chinese make AK's better and cheaper...no need to pacic....
  8. Depends on what you need it for. If you're looking for home protection, an AK is pretty agressive and puts the lives of your loved ones in jeopardy due to overpenetration. If you live alone, on a farm, by all means get yourself a .762 version. If you live in an urban condo like I do, with neighbors on 3 sides, you're putting yourself at risk for some serious liability. You could try to find frangible rounds that will break apart on impact, but I'm not sure how well these would fare. Get yourself a cheap shotgun, saw it off, and keep it loaded with bird shot, that is a great area-supression weapon that doesn't pierce your sheet rock like a single round would. You don't have to be a very accurate shot either (which many people aren't anyhow, much less while the heart is racing during a home-invasion scenario).

    Gotta have the right weapon for the right job, mate.
  9. I was thinking of using it for post collapse/appocalypse/revolution. siege and defend. Plus AK has fear factor, probably won't have to use it.

    Got my 38 special for close quarters. Now that you mention it, that might be too much, could go down to an auto 380.
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    Siaga (this company) makes a great magazine fed shotgun that is fairly cheap. (see my post for a picture on page one)

    BTW- DO NOT SAW OFF A SHOTGUN!!! (unless you would enjoy "prison sex":eek: ) That's a federal offense if it is under 18 1/2 inches long.
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